Finding Myself (Zayn Malik Fan-fic)

I hate my life!I was bullied when i was in public school but private school isn't any better. I'm a high school senior in an all-girls catholic school in Chicago. The only thing that gets me through the day when I'm at school is photography and music, especially the band One direction. My life at home isn't any better, I argue with my parents constantly and I hardly ever get along with my brothers and sisters. I decided that everything was too much to handle and I needed to get away, but no where to go. Read and find out what happens...


4. Where am I?!

Alondra's POV

I woke up and my head started to throb it still hurt but I didn't know where I was then I noticed the guy that was running from a group of girls back at the station and smiled at him. Then I asked him: 

"Where am I and who are you?

"Sorry, I'm Zayn and you are in my hotel room because of what happened earlier I didn't know what to do so we brought you back here, I hope that's ok?!" He said happily 

"We?" I asked

"Yeah me and the lads, GUYS COME IN HERE SHE WOKE UP!!" he yelled out the door. Then suddenly 4 guys walk in and they look so familiar. I stared at them confused then I got!

"Are you guys from One Direction?" I asked hoping they were because I look up to them and LOVE their music.

"Yeah, we are." The blond one said, Niall. I was shocked at that moment I didn't know what to do I was in the same room as One Direction!! I was fangirling in my head I thought i was dreaming until Liam walked up to me and snapped me out of the trance I was in.

"So, I'm guessing you're familiar with us?" Liam asked smiling 

I tried playing it cool but it was so surreal I still didn't believe this was happening. "Yeah, kind of you guys are really good!" 

"Are you feeling better? Do you need anything? What can I get you?" Louis asked frantically

I laughed a bit and then remembered that my uncle was supposed to pick me up at the station. "Oh Crap! You don't happen to know where my phone is do you? I asked them worriedly

"I think I saw it in you book bag, let me get it for you" Zayn said as he was looking for it in my bag and handed it over to me.

"Thanks, I just need to call my uncle so I can tell him that I'm fine and he shouldn't be worried" I said smiling at them.

"Okay" they said in unison and left the room

I called my uncle and he answered on the first ring. "Alondra where are you I don't see you! Are you okay? Did you get lost? Kidnapped? Raped? OHHH! Tell me who took you so I can go over there and whoop some ass!!!" laughed at the outrageous conclusions he came up with.

"Uncle Sergio, calm down, I'm fine, I just had a little accident with this guy and I'm in his hotel room and hit my head on the ground, other than that I'm fine you can come get me if you want." I said

"Oh, that's fine it's not like the guy is a complete stranger or anything" he said sarcastically 

"He actually isn't I stranger, uncle Sergio he's Zayn from the British boy band One Direction and he is really sweet!" I said happily

"Text me the address and time you want me to come, call me if you need anything or they do anything to you, love you!" he said before he hung up not giving me a chance to say anything back. I texted him the address and told him to pick me up in 30 minutes 

Just then Zayn walked in the room "Hey are you okay? Are you hungry? We're making dinner if you... uhh.. want to... uh.. stay?!" He said nervously 

"As much I'd love to stay my uncle is really worried and he's going to be here in 30 minutes." I said regretting telling my uncle to come get me.

"Oh, well I hope we can see each other soon, I'm sorry but i didn't catch your name" he said looking at the ground an then at me with a sad look in his eyes

"Yeah, I really hope to see you soon too, I'm Alondra by the way" I got up from the bed to shake his hand but he hugged me instead. I'm not going to lie it was the best hug of my life. I felt so safe even though I just met him. I felt as though I've known him forever.

"Well, Alondra" he said pulling away from the hug "that's a very pretty name for a very beautiful girl" he said and I looked down at the ground blushing I probably looked like a tomato.

"Thanks" I said looking up as i stared into his light brown eyes. He was leaning in closer and so was I, I could feel his minty breath against my lips and I closed my eyes, just as he was brushing his lips against mine my phone started to ring, which scared me. I walked to it and answered. It was my uncle.

"Hey, I'm in the lobby come down when you're ready" he said not rushing me

"Okay, I'll be right down" I said a little disappointed because he interrupted the kiss with Zayn that was about to happen. I hung up and turned to Zayn who was standing, where we were about to kiss, awkwardly with one hand on his neck.

"I have to go" I said sadly 

" Oh, well before you go can I have your phone number, just in case you have nothing else to do, not saying that you are always busy but when you have time to hang out, maybe we could meet up for lunch or something." He said shyly and a little nervous

"I find it cute when you ramble... did I just say that out loud?"  I mentally slapped myself.

"Yes you did and Thank you." I handed him my phone and he handed me his. When we got our phones back I saw the contact name save as "ZAYN <3" I couldn't help but blush because i saved my contact name in his phone as "ALONDRA;)" so I guess he likes me!!




I might update tomorrow!!! HOPE YOU ENJOY IT SO FAR :) LIKE AND maybe FAVORITE 

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