Finding Myself (Zayn Malik Fan-fic)

I hate my life!I was bullied when i was in public school but private school isn't any better. I'm a high school senior in an all-girls catholic school in Chicago. The only thing that gets me through the day when I'm at school is photography and music, especially the band One direction. My life at home isn't any better, I argue with my parents constantly and I hardly ever get along with my brothers and sisters. I decided that everything was too much to handle and I needed to get away, but no where to go. Read and find out what happens...


7. Really?!

A/N first off sorry for the lack of updates. I will try to update as much as possible during winter break! Another thing I know the contact names are corny if you guys have a name to change them to please comment!!!! I would love some feedback :) My goal s to have about 10 chapters complete by today if not by tomorrow!




 "AY!!! wake up it's almost 11." I heard someone yell into my ear. I opened by eyes and immediately closed them because of the brightness. Opening them again I saw my uncle with a huge grin on his face. Some how I believe he's more excited about my lunch date with Zayn than I am.... Nah! I'm really excited and nervous.

"UGHHHH! I'm coming!, Uncle Sergio sometimes you can be such a girl haha!"   

"Hahaha, funny; we'll see who's laughing when they're late for their date with an international superstar!"

"Uncle Sergio, that's not the reason I accepted the lunch offer, we really hit it off and I see him as a regular guy rather than an International sensation."

"That's good to hear, now get ready it's already 11:23"

i jumped out of bed picked my outfit, a mint green flowy crop top, white high-waisted shorts and white ankle high converse. I put my long black hair into a fishtail braid and only wore foundation, mascara and a little eyeliner. By the time I finished it was already 11:45. I decided to text Zayn.

To Zayn<3: Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm ready, if you want to come by now it's fine. :)

within seconds I got a reply.

From Zayn<3: Morning Love, no worries I'll be there soon;)

I didn't bother to reply back so I just went downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for Zayn. about ten minutes later I heard a knock at the door, I got up from the couch to get it but my uncle beat me to it..... This can't be good i thought.

"So you're the bloke my niece hasn't stopped yappering about AYE?! My uncle said to Zayn.

"Uhhh, I hope so!" Zayn replied looking at me, I felt my cheeks burn. 

"Well talk to you later tio" (I'll just say tio when referring to my uncle Sergio because it's Spanish for uncle and it's much easier than typing his entire name out) I said and walked out with Zayn to his car. He opened the door for me, such a gentleman, and walked over to the driver's seat.

The car ride wasn't awkward at all it was filled with conversations on random things and laughter we talked about our favorite shows, colors, movies, etc.

I enjoyed the ride. once we got to Panera Bread I wasn't nervous anymore, I thought that everything would feel awkward but thankfully it didn't. We went inside and ordered.

" Can I get a Fronttegga Chicken Panini a Medium Iced Tea and a red velvet cookie." I ordered and then Zayn said he'll have the same. He took out his wallet to get ready to pay but I refused to let him pay for mine.

"Love it's fine I asked you to come with me so I should pay."

"Fine, but later I'll pay." with that we went to look for a table while the food was getting cooked.













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