Finding Myself (Zayn Malik Fan-fic)

I hate my life!I was bullied when i was in public school but private school isn't any better. I'm a high school senior in an all-girls catholic school in Chicago. The only thing that gets me through the day when I'm at school is photography and music, especially the band One direction. My life at home isn't any better, I argue with my parents constantly and I hardly ever get along with my brothers and sisters. I decided that everything was too much to handle and I needed to get away, but no where to go. Read and find out what happens...


6. Long story short...

During the ride to my uncles house we talked about my parents and what my plans were, once I finished school. He told me he would transfer me into the neighborhood high school. I was fine with it because there were only a few months left before I graduated and I always took my education seriously, even if I wanted to become a chef. My ultimate goal in life is to open up my own restaurant and have nice modern photography all over the place. That would make me happy, I also dream about traveling the world and discovering new culture and ways of cooking, and of course the architecture!! 

I was snapped out of my day dream by my uncle waving his hand in front of my face laughing.

"Earth to Alondra, are you okay?" he asked still laughing. "I have the weirdest niece!" he said sighing and shaking his head

"Thanks, I love you too uncle Sergio I appericiate your kind words." I said sarcastically

"Haha, well we're here" he said pointing out the window into the most modern looking house I've ever seen, I guess he moved because I remember him living in an apartment complex and having a roommate. He is now married to a radio host named, Clara and has a little baby boy, named Nathan and two pit-bulls, Max and Toby. I stepped out the car and was trapped in a hug at first I didn't know how to react but then I saw my uncle and he reassured me that I was fine. 

"Oh my you look beautiful!" Clara said. it was the first time we met so i didn't know how to respond.

"Nice to meet you too!?" I said a little freaked out.

We walked inside and my uncle told me I could stay for as long as I needed. He showed me up to the guest room in which I would be staying for who knows how long. I went to the bed and I just lay there staring at the ceiling thinking about Zayn... Uh Zayn I was head over heels over him. I was out of my trance when my uncle knocked on the door asking if he could come in. He walked in and sat on the bed.

"What's wrong, Kiddo?! You wanna tell me what happened earlier?" 

"Well, like I told you I was with Zayn from One Direction."

"That's it, no kiss nothing, well you suck I'm gonna go get dinner ready" he said getting up from the bed and walking to the door.

"I never said we didn't kiss" I said smiling as he turned around with a grin on his face.

"It looks like someone is in love, haha! I feel like a little girl talking to you about boys-AWKWARD!" he said and I burst out in a fit of laughter because even though my uncle is older than me and has a family he was still a little kid, but yet I could talk to him about anything  

"I barely know the guy but I really do like him!"

"I think this is the happiest I've seen you. Are you going to see him?" 

"He asked me out to lunch tomorrow at 12:30, is that ok, I mean if you don't want me to go I can just ca-" 

He interrupted me. "Of course you can go, you don't have to ask permission just tell me when you leave and when you'll get back tomorrow and I'm fine with it, you're in L.A enjoy yourself." with that said he got up and left.

I followed him out to eat dinner. 

After dinner I walked into my room and checked my phone. I got a text from Zayn.

From: ZAYN<3: Hey i cant wait for tomorrow! Good night:)

To: ZAYN<3: Hey, I can't either, Goodnight! 

with that i went to bed. Dreaming about tomorrow!




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