Finding Myself (Zayn Malik Fan-fic)

I hate my life!I was bullied when i was in public school but private school isn't any better. I'm a high school senior in an all-girls catholic school in Chicago. The only thing that gets me through the day when I'm at school is photography and music, especially the band One direction. My life at home isn't any better, I argue with my parents constantly and I hardly ever get along with my brothers and sisters. I decided that everything was too much to handle and I needed to get away, but no where to go. Read and find out what happens...


1. Too Much

Alondra's POV:

  I hate my life! I'm almost 18 years old and I can't wait to leave this shitty house and graduate high school. Did i mention i hate my life? Well, I do! I go to an ALL GIRLS Catholic school in Chicago. I have friends but I feel as though I can't trust them. Going to an all girls school means that there is a lot of DRAMA! That's how it is everyday!! Honestly, the only thing that gets me through the day is photography, music, and cooking. I want to become a Culinary Chef once I graduate high school and move to Los Angeles, but my parents being the unsupported parents that they are have told me that if I go out of state for college I can forget about them helping me with the tuition. I have gotten a couple scholarships but not to the school I want to go to. I constantly have the same argument with my parents that once I graduate high school and turn 18 in July, I want to move out and leave my past behind me, start all over, in a different city, a city that I have always loved. We would visit LA almost every year for a family vacation when I was younger and I would tell my parents that when I was older and have enough money I would eventually move out there. I guess my dream is close to coming true. Working at Starbucks is not going to pay all my bills. I graduate in May and it's currently November... a long time so I have to save up in order to follow my dreams. Honestly, this is getting too much to handle. 

 2 weeks Later..

   "Mom, why do you have to be so difficult! All i am saying is that I can't live my entire life under your roof, like Alexander, Cesar, and Melissa (my older siblings, 29,28,and 21 they actually still live at home and it's embarrassing if you ask me I actually can't wait until I move out but then again I'm only 15) I want to live while I'm young!"

    "After everything you're father and I have done for you, you want to just leave us behind ,Alondra you are really ungrateful!" my mom said.

  "It's not that I am ungrateful, I am very grateful for everything you two have given me over the years, but i feel as though..." she turns around back to the stove where she was cleaning. "never mind you won't understand, you never pay attention to me anyways." it's true she never does it's always my older brother she is always bragging about to my aunts and uncles, about how successful he is because he's a computer software engineer, and an accountant, how my other brother Cesar helps out my dad in his company, and how my older sister wants to be a software engineer like my brother, it's like she doesn't want me.

 "Alondra, wait!" my mother exclaimed but i just got up from the stool in the island in the middle of the kitchen and stormed out to my room she followed me but I slammed the door shut right in her face.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore, just leave me alone!!" with that she stopped pounding on the door and left... see she doesn't want me she doesn't care.

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