Dream of the Devil.

My family is a bit strange, you see were all demons trying to live in the human world. My name is Rose and I have a familiar called Jack. Everything was peacefull, untill i stared to have a nightmare. A nightmare of an cursed orpanage, hospital for the dead and a burning cornfield. The only hope I have left to escape these nightmares is with Jack's help, and my hidden power.


3. Golden knight

When the bell went all my year stared to walk to the yard where you line up for assembly. After we said our prayers and sir was talking about a new year, the ground started to shake. The lights on the ceiling started to shake and then fall smashing into small pieces. Everybody was running and screaming, except me. I wanted to run, to scream but I couldn’t it was as if I was paralyzed in my chair. I heard a noise from above then, I got pushed. Smash, scream. I turned around able to move. I saw Amy lying on the floor covered in pieces of glass, plaster and tile. I walked towards her slowly, tears running down my cheek. When I was next to her I knelt down and checked her pulse. Dead. I cried more now, screaming and cursing, so confused. A shout came from the door, “Rose Get out of there!” I looked over vision blurred, I ran over there crying and screaming Amy’s name. When I got out of the building there was another shake and the building fell in one great crash.

I fell to the ground. I could hear voices around me but I wasn’t paying attention. Suddenly there was a flash in the corner of my eye; I looked up at the rubble of the building, rubbing my eyes so I could see. Then Amy climbed out of the building glowing slightly and wiping some of the rubble off her torn clothes. I couldn’t believe it, I rubbed my eyes again. When Amy stopped glowing she looked at me giving a sad smile then pointed to some injured people next to me. They started to glow then all their cuts started to heal. Amy must be a demon I thought in amazement, I started to run towards her shouting her name crying with tears of joy.

When I got to her I hugged her really tightly but slipped and we both ended up rolling to the ground. I sat up and was smiling and giggling but then I realised, every human was staring at Amy with horror and confusion. I don’t blame them for being confused, a moment ago she was dead then the next she glowing and everyone’s cuts are healed.

I was about to say something then something whizzed past my ear and hit Amy’s shoulder. Blood splattered all over my cheek. Amy cursed under her breath and pulled the scissors out of her shoulder. I looked to where the scissors were thrown from standing there was a boy who looked about 4 year old. His eye sockets where black and hollow, his mouth having torn stiches at either side. “Why    did    you    leave?” The boy kept asking me over and over heavily breathing and wheezing. I was confused. All the humans saw the boy and started running and screaming. I didn’t know what was going on but I’m glad that they managed to escape. I looked at Amy she had her hand over the cut and was starting to heal it. I looked back at the boy; he gave a demonic smile and whispered “oh no you don’t”. Balls with spiked started to appear all around us. He pointed at us shouting “GO, KILL THEM!”

“Shield!” Amy shouted and a golden wall appeared just in the nick of time and any ball that touched the wall, bounced back heading straight for the boy. He jumped onto a small metal fence avoiding the balls he started to laugh voice cracking making him cough viciously. I turned to look at Amy who was shaking then she fell, I caught her. Amy whispered softly in my ear “it’s up to you now, demon princess.” With that she closed her eyes and started to sleep. “Finally were alone, now for some real fun!” The boy shouted, I put Amy down then stood up facing the boy. I couldn’t think of anything except anger and hatred. The feelings started to build inside of me. Eyes turning a blood red colour I held out my hand, closed my eyes and shouted, “Arise my familiar, show your true self and destroy my enemy!"

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