Dream of the Devil.

My family is a bit strange, you see were all demons trying to live in the human world. My name is Rose and I have a familiar called Jack. Everything was peacefull, untill i stared to have a nightmare. A nightmare of an cursed orpanage, hospital for the dead and a burning cornfield. The only hope I have left to escape these nightmares is with Jack's help, and my hidden power.


5. Dream - Hospital of the Dead

I opened my eyes to a blinding light. I was lying down on a bed in a white room. There was nothing in the room except a bed, a  long blacked out window and a flickering light. I got up slowly rocking from side to side, I had a terrible headache and my eyes were a bit blurry. I heard a knock on the window. It was getting louder and faster until the glass smashed. I jumped and grabbed my pillow moving slowly to a corner. A rotten arm slowly crawled through the window landing on the broken glass. I jumped over the arm which tried to reach for my leg, and then climbed through the window. There was a long narrow hallway with white doors on either side. This looks like a horror game I thought, and started to walk down the hallway looking through the windows. There were zombies and moving skeletons in the rooms. I started to panic even more now then; I heard a groan behind me.

I turned around sharply and in the middle of the hallway was a corpse, missing an arm. "My.... Arm" He said slowly, breathing heavily. I was confused at first then I started to walk towards him, then past him to my room. He started at me with one rotten, bloodshot eye. I picked up the arm then past it to him. He looked at the arm then back at me a few times.

He moved the arm to his shoulder, blood started to flow through the gap then a bone connected and muscle tissue stared to grow until his arm was completely joined to the rest of his body. The zombie looked at me then gave a smile. He pointed to a button then collapsed. I looked at the button. It was large and red like the ones you see off a movie. I walked towards the button and read the sign above it. It said "Press with Caution!"  I decided that I didn't want to press it so I turned around but, I tripped over the collapsed zombie and my head fell backwards onto the button.

When I pressed the button all the cell doors opened and the monsters slowly walked out. I started to back away then I stood on a bone which crumbled to dust with a crunch. All the monsters turned their heads and faced me. Some of the monsters were staring me in the eyes, others were licking their lips but they all definitely wanted to get me. I started to back away but, I just ended up leaning against a dead end. The only way was forward through the monsters.

Before I could make an escape plan, one of the skeletons charged for me, its bones rattling every time he moved. I closed my eyes and swung my arm. I felt some contact then a crash. I opened my eyes and saw that I had nocked its head off which smashed in to a wall. I walked towards its body pulling off the skeletons arm, it’s better than nothing I thought.

Another skeleton ran towards me, I gripped the bone like a baseball bat and swung at the skeletons head, knocking it off. The monsters were furious that I had killed two of their comrades. I ran through the path of monsters and hitting any that tried to grab me.

After a while of running and hitting I heard a familiar sound, like a bark, so I followed the noise and saw Jack.  He was ripping off a zombies head, there was blood, bones and guts everywhere but, I didn’t take any notice of it because at least I want alone. I was about to run towards Jack then something hit the back off my head. As I was falling to the ground I turned around and saw a dark shadow, like the ones before.

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