Dream of the Devil.

My family is a bit strange, you see were all demons trying to live in the human world. My name is Rose and I have a familiar called Jack. Everything was peacefull, untill i stared to have a nightmare. A nightmare of an cursed orpanage, hospital for the dead and a burning cornfield. The only hope I have left to escape these nightmares is with Jack's help, and my hidden power.


2. Back to School

“I don’t want to get up” I groaned. My mum stormed into my room grabbed my cover and pulled my leg. I fell out of bed and hit the carpet with a thud. “Come on, Jack is down stairs eating some toast” dad said peeking through the door. I walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen, sat down on a chair and had some cereal.

Jack is my familiar. You see, I’m a demon girl just trying to live a normal human life. My parents were sick of all the blood-shed that the demons were causing so; before I was born they left. There still getting used to some human contraptions like the oven but, there better then when they first got here.

For a demon to get a familiar it’s actually quite simple. On their first birthday, all there spirit energy is calculated and their familiar is ‘born’ into the demons heart. When this happens a marking appears on the body, every demon has a different marking. (Mine is a diamond, near my right eye). After this the familiar can come out if the demon is in need of help, or if I’m just a bit lonely.

"Mornin" I groaned still half asleep. "Good morning Rose, did you have a nice sleep?" Jack asked, he always talks formal even though I tell him not to. Jack finished his toast and flicked his dark red fringe out of his sky blue eyes. Jacks hair did look a bit odd but I think it suits him. His fringe was dark red which leaned to the right and covered his eye. The roots of his hair was white the base was black and he had dark blue highlights.

“I had a bit of a weird dream but, I can’t really remember it now.” Actually I remember I all quite clearly, I would tell him my dreams but, he takes them all to seriously. “I hope you’re ready for school” he said showing an innocent smile.

I nodded and put my bowl in the sink. After I got changed I watched some TV in the living room. Jack sat down next to me. I patted my lap and looked at Jack; he rolled his eyes as he knew exactly what I wanted. I turned to face the TV then, there was a short bright flash in the corner of my eye .I looked back at Jack and saw he transformed into a black cat. I gave a bit of a goofy grin and patted my lap again. He slowly walked onto my lap then curled into a ball, when I stroked him he started to purr. It was so cute; I don’t know how many times I have wished that this moment could stay forever.

Jack being able to turn into any animal was his special familial power. It’s said to reflect on the demons power. Every familiar has its own special power but, they can all turn into weapons. My mums familiar can turn into a long white sword while my dad’s turns into a black gun. I’m not sure what Jack turns into but, he says that hopefully we won’t have to find out.

After a while of watching some news, my mum came in and said it was time to go to school. I patted Jacks back and he leaped off my lap. Standing up and brushing some cat hairs off me, I closed my eyes and whispered “return, my familiar.” (This is the incantation that you have to say to make your familiar return inside your body). As Jack stood still he started to glow brighter and brighter until it was almost blinding then, the light grew smaller and started to flow into the marking I have under my right eye. The marking lit for a while then died down.

I walked to the front door and shouted bye to my parents. School was only a short walk from my home my father said it was more practical instead on getting a bus. When I got to the school gate I saw my best friend, I started to run towards her smiling and calling her name. Amy lifted up her head and waved back. When I got close to her I leaned over and looked to see what she was doing on her phone. She was looking at the news, “it’s terrible isn’t it?” Amy said this with a troubled face, she doesn’t really pay attention to the news but, there has been a recent serial killer on the loose so I’m not surprised that this caught her eye. “Yeah, it isn’t the best of things, that’s why timid girls like us should be careful” I replied jokily laughing, Amy gave me a stern look then giggled. We both walked inside talking about if we had any homework.

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