Dream of the Devil.

My family is a bit strange, you see were all demons trying to live in the human world. My name is Rose and I have a familiar called Jack. Everything was peacefull, untill i stared to have a nightmare. A nightmare of an cursed orpanage, hospital for the dead and a burning cornfield. The only hope I have left to escape these nightmares is with Jack's help, and my hidden power.


4. Awakening Power

The boy shielded his eyes as I started to glow brighter and brighter. I didn’t know what was happening, I couldn’t think straight and my body felt hot; like it was burning. My throat started to go dry my eyes watering, and then the feeling started to travel all to my hands. I didn’t know what to do, then a cold shot came to my hands and I flinched dropping something. It was a scythe. The stem was dark blue with a white ribbon that wrapped around my hand and arm all by its self when I picked it up. The blade was a deep, dark black and had a jagged blood red line running down to the tip. It reminded me of someone, then I realised, Jack.

I dropped the scythe on the floor. I was just staring at it, mind blank. Looking up at the boy I saw he was still crouching on the fence, staring at both of us in confusion. After a while of silence he smiled and said something under his breath then lifted his hand up. It started to glow then a mace appeared in his hand. Jumping off the fence he charged straight at me. I dodged to the side ripping some of my skirt; I rolled on the floor and picked up my scythe. Scanning the area I saw the boy far away swinging his mace, examining it.

I looked at the scythe; the blue ribbon had wrapped itself around my arm again. I closed my eyes, blanking my mind. I started to hear a voice, “Rose, Rose is that you?” I recognised the voice, “Jack, it’s me, what’s happening, why have you turned into a scythe?”

Before we could say anything else I felt a blow to my stomach then I heard a demonic laugh. “That's better” the boy whispered in my ear. I fell to the ground breathing heavily and wheezing. I was starting to black out, everything was going blurry; I could hear faint calls from Jack. My body started to feel hot, it was like the same sensation as before.

My eyes going blood red, I had realised, that this is my true demon power. 

I charged for the boy, swinging my scythe I made a small gash in his stomach. He jumped in the air then landed behind me. Aiming the mace at my head, I quickly turned around and blocked. Then I tripped him up with my legs, he fell to the ground hitting his head on the floor. The mace disappeared in a cloud of smoke. I walked towards him cautiously, holding the scythe close to my chest. When I got to the boy I kicked his waist. He was unconscious. I lifted my scythe in the air then cut his head clean off. Blood splattered everywhere and the head rolled away, I looked to where the head had rolled. It had stopped at the foot of a tall dark shadow, like the one in my dream.

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