Dream of the Devil.

My family is a bit strange, you see were all demons trying to live in the human world. My name is Rose and I have a familiar called Jack. Everything was peacefull, untill i stared to have a nightmare. A nightmare of an cursed orpanage, hospital for the dead and a burning cornfield. The only hope I have left to escape these nightmares is with Jack's help, and my hidden power.


1. Dream - The First Nightmare

Where am I?

How long have I been in this room?

What's that noise?

"Hello, is anyone there?" I whispered quietly, voice cracking. The door slowly opened to reveal an old woman. She’s holding a tray with a chipped bowl filled with some sort of lumpy soup and a wooden spoon. She laid it down on a table in the middle of the room then, pointed to a chair. I sat where I was, in a corner barely breathing, let alone moving. She looked at me then tilted her head and pointed at the chair more vigorously. The women opened her mouth as if she was about to say something and then closed it, as if she couldn't speak. By the look of her expression it was almost as if she was pleading for me to eat. I hesitated for a while but eventually sat down. When I finished she took the bowl and smiled at me then walked out.  It was like that for a whole week but then, one night I had a dream, for the first time.

I saw myself sitting near a bed in a hospital. I just sat there praying for the person in bed but, I couldn’t see who that person was. While I was staring at the bed I felt somebody breathing heavily behind me, then I heard a bark and woke up. When my eyes focused I turned around a saw a Black wolf. I looked at his name tag, he was called Jack. There was a sudden flash and I could see myself running with the wolf in a corn field. I was crying and screaming help when I looked behind me all the trees and corn were on fire.

When the dream finished the door swung open to reveal the old woman. She grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my room. Jack was barking furiously and snapping at her legs, ripping her dress. The woman started to curse at the dog. Her voice was all dry and croaky. She made a circle in the air then a purple wall appeared all you could hear was the faint sound of Jack yapping.

After I realised that it was useless to try and run away I walked beside her. When I looked at her the woman would smile back at me as if she was doing the right thing. I was furious and was going to say something to her but she stopped suddenly and pointed to a tall, narrow double door. Their was slight pause then she knocked on the door. Another pause. The door opened creaking, to reveal a dark tall shadow. Everything thing went silent then all I could hear was a beep. It sounded familiar. Like an alarm clock. Beep beep. The dark shadow moved closer “wake up devil, wake up!”

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