Have you ever had someone you loved in your life so much, then they just faded away like sand in your hands? It was not my mother, nor any family...but it was him...the him that changed my life, and his name was Liam Payne.
But what happens when you meet someone else who was close to him, but not like him and his best mate?
Join Sammi on this journey and stay tuned.


6. Chapter 6

Harry's POV-

I waited for Sammi to come up to the room, but she I walked down stairs only to fins Sammi and Louis making out.

"Sammi?" I asked on the verge of tears, causing them both to break apart. How could she do this to me and with my best mate? Im screwed.

"Harry...its not what it looks like." Louis objected.

"Well it looks like you guys were just making out..." I said as tears started to fall down.

"Harry..." Sammi whispered, as they both stood up and began walking towards me.

"You know what...just leave me alone. If your happy...then I will be happy dont see me going around making out with you best mates now do you? Im not the one who gets cheated on then turns around and cheats on the other person now am I? You know what guys? Just forget me. Im leaving the leaving." I said as I took steps back, then turned around making my way out the door. I really dont want to leave the band but its for the best. Sammi gets cheated on then she turns around and cheats on me. What is this world coming to? The end? Cause I am truely broken.


Louis's POV-

He quit...he really quit!

" sorry...I should just leave...tell Harry that I am gone now he can come back. I cant let you guys break up just because of me. Just please dont call. Im leaving..." Sammi said as she spun around and left. Just leaving me in the middle of everything. Leaving me...broken.


Sammi's POV-

I walked outside having the cold winter air hit my body. I was walking while checking twitter. All the hate was true.

I am a cheater.

I am ugly.

I am fat.

I am...the reason One Direction broke up.

I walked into the nearby cafe hoping to forget everything...but to my luck nope. The store manager called me a whore, then she slapped me. I deserved it. She kept on slapping me, until someone stopped her.

"DONT HIT HER!" the guy exclaimed, as he held her hand back from hitting me anymore.

"And who are you? Her other sex-buddy?" the manager asked with an evil chuckle.

"Miss...please meet me outside." the guy spoke to me. I did as told, wanting to get rid of that stupid manager. Soon enough the guy joined me.

"So...your Sammi?" he questioned as we walked to his car.

"Ya..thats me." I said.

"Well nice too meet you Sammi...I am Reed." he said as he gave me a hug.

"I remember you! From the X-Factor right?" I asked.

"Yes thats me. But heym you wanna stay at my place until things settle down? I checked twitter and saw everything. You seem like you need someone right now." he suggested.

"Sure." I said as we got into his car then took off to his house.

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