Have you ever had someone you loved in your life so much, then they just faded away like sand in your hands? It was not my mother, nor any family...but it was him...the him that changed my life, and his name was Liam Payne.
But what happens when you meet someone else who was close to him, but not like him and his best mate?
Join Sammi on this journey and stay tuned.


5. Chapter 5

Liam's POV-

"So are we back together?" I asked Danielle.

"I dont know if I can do this. You cheated on Sammi with me." she responded.

"Dani, take him back. He is a great guy...take him back." Sammi said, as Harry agreed.

"Fine. But if it happens again...then you better just forget me." Dani responded, as we hugged.

If only Sammi was mine. Why did I have to cheat? I really miss Sammi being mine.


Sammi's POV-

Im so glad that Dani and Liam are back together. Wait! I havent heard from Louis in a while, so I quickly dialed his number.

"Hey Sammi whats up?" he asked with a sniffle like he has been crying.

"Im coming over with Harry." I responded, knowing that he needs someone right now.

"Please dont." he begged.

"Why?" I questioned.

"Cause im a mess." he responded.

"Im on my way over. You cant stop me." I stated as I hung up and grabbed Harry's hand dragging him out with me.

"Where are we going?" he asked.

"Your's and Louis' place." I responded.

"Ok." he replied.

"But we have to stop at the store first." I stated as we got in the car and took off to the store to buy carrots, humor movies, and icecream.


Harry unlocked the house while carryng the bags. He is such a gentleman. I found Louis on the ground just starring at the ceiling.

"Can me and Louis talk?" I asked Harry. He nodded in agreement as he went up to his room and I sat down besides Louis with the carrots, movies, and icecream.

"Whats wrong?" I asked him. He handed me his phone...revealing a text from Eleanor...

-im sorry but i just dont feel the same about u anymore im sorry but were over-

"Oh Louis!" I said as I placed him in my lap and held him close as I craddled him back and forth.

"Then s-she tweeted a pic of her k-kissing someone else." he sobbed out.

"She has no idea what she is missing out on. You are the one that everyone loves. Your funny, smart, sweet, kind..." I trailed off as I looked into his eyes. Im falling for Louis...

"Sammi...I have been holding this in so in love with you." he said, as he kissed me. It felt like I was finally found the last puzzle piece.

I was then...unbroken.


***hey guys...its me Sammi so what do you think? I know its a short book but seriously should I make a sequel? Or should I continue on with this one? Your choice. x Sammi***

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