Have you ever had someone you loved in your life so much, then they just faded away like sand in your hands? It was not my mother, nor any family...but it was him...the him that changed my life, and his name was Liam Payne.
But what happens when you meet someone else who was close to him, but not like him and his best mate?
Join Sammi on this journey and stay tuned.


4. Chapter 4

I finally stopped at the edge of the mountain, looking thats a big jump.

"Sammi, dont do it." Harry said causiously.

"He..cheated on me...what am I supposed to do?" I asked as I looked up into his eyes.

"Be with me." he said, as he pulled me back into him.

"I feel so useless..." I mumbled against his shirt.

"He has no idea what he has done...what he had lost." he said as he rubbed my back. We made our way back to the hospital, I saw Liam getting yelled at by the tears streamed down her face, I then walked into the room.

"Danielle, you shouldnt loose such a great guy...forgive him and take him back." I said, as I held her shoulders.

"But he cheated on us." she objected.

"Just do it." I said, as I faced Harry, and kissed him.


Liam's POV-

Sammi kissed Harry...that only broke me even more.

I am broken and can never be fixed again.

I truely am broken.


~*A/N: Hey guys, what do you think? Let me know if you wanna coauthor...I really need help with this one. x Sammi*~

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