Have you ever had someone you loved in your life so much, then they just faded away like sand in your hands? It was not my mother, nor any family...but it was him...the him that changed my life, and his name was Liam Payne.
But what happens when you meet someone else who was close to him, but not like him and his best mate?
Join Sammi on this journey and stay tuned.


3. Chapter 3

I could hear Harry calling my name over and over again as I ran, then I just stopped and dropped to the ground.

"Sammi!" Harry shouted as he reached me.

"Harry, I cant do this anymore. Everything is getting to me. My parents' death, Liam's death, everything. I just cant handle it." I said as I clutched onto my skirt.

"Sammi, I can help you get through this. I promise. I know what you are going through too. I killed my parents too, along with my older sister Gemma." he responded as he pulled me into his arms.

"Wait why did you kill them?" I asked.

"I was in a gang once...they told me to kill them, otherwise they would have killed you, my family, and the guys." he responded, as we both cried into each other's arms.

"I had no idea that we were alike in so many ways." I said as we pulled apart.

"Me thinking about quitting One Direction." he admitted.

"No you are not!" I demanded.

"Then who is going to fill in for Liam?" he questioned.

"I could." I said without thinking.

"Yes! Great idea!" he said as we started to walk back to the car.

"I cant take Liam's place." I said, just as my phone rang.

*Phone call*

"Hello?" I asked.

"Is this Sammi Mitchell?" he questioned.

"Ya.." I responded.

"Liam Payne is awake." he replied.

*End of phone call*

I dropped my phone, causing it to shatter in pieces. He is awake.

"Whats wrong?" Harry asked.

"Liam is awake." I responded.

"Who is it? Me or Liam?" he asked, as we reached his car.

"I dont know..." I stuttered out.


"Who are you?" Liam asked me.

"Im...Sammi...your...girlfriend..." I responded, as tears poured down my face.

"I have a girlfriend already, her name is Danielle." he said in confusion.

" your girlfriend." I said, just then a girl with curly brown hair walked in.

"Oh! You must be his sister, Sammi!" she said as she gave me a hug.

"Im hid girlfriend." I said, with a confused look.

"No, I am." she said.

"Sammi, is Liam's girlfriend..." Harry said.

"No, me and Liam have been together for 7 months." Danielle said.

"I have been with him for a year...he must have cheated on me." I said, as I ran out of the hospital, with Harry hot on my tail.

Im broken...broken....broken....broken....broken....broken....those words stuck with me, cause I truely am broken.

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