Have you ever had someone you loved in your life so much, then they just faded away like sand in your hands? It was not my mother, nor any family...but it was him...the him that changed my life, and his name was Liam Payne.
But what happens when you meet someone else who was close to him, but not like him and his best mate?
Join Sammi on this journey and stay tuned.


1. Chapter 1

I sat in the hospital waiting for him to wake up. Seeing all of these machines hooked up on him, only caused me to cry harder. He was... Liam Payne. So here was how he got into the hospital.


I had my fingers locked with his, as we walked in the road talking about what we normally do. Our love for each other. Then suddenly we stopped and started to make out. Bad mistake. A truck started to come at full speed, Liam puched me out of the way and took the hit for me. Then I picked him up and ran him to the closest hospital.

*End of flashback*


Thats all it took for me to go crazy. I jumped onto the bed and started to do CPR...that wasnt working. Doctors filled the room, pulling me off of him.

"I need to stay with him!" I yelled.

"Sweety, he is gone." the male doctor said. I have nobody now. Just then Harry came rushing into the room, tears streaming down his face.

"Harry!" I exclaimed as I jumped into his arms.

"Sammi, I came as soon as I could. Are you ok?" he asked as he hugged me.

"Hell no. My boyfriend just died..." I sobbed out.

"Oh my gosh! Wanna stay with me?" he offered as he nuzzled his head into my neck.

"Sure." I replied.

"One thing." he said.

"What?" I asked.

"I love you." he said as he kissed me.

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