I'm a normal teenage girl. 18. Senior. And utterly baffled with the perfection of the 5 most popular, most beautiful guys at my school. All the girls love them because they're so sweet. But when I find out their true personalites, I am left horrified.


2. Chapter two.

 Wow. My life just gets better and better. I still have half of a day of school to finish. It's lunch time though, the best part of the day. I looked around the cafeteria for Sandy when I heard a familar british accent.

  "Hey you." Harry said. "I never caught your name."

 If they wanted to play a game of chase. I'll play the game to.

  "That's cause I never told you."

  "Well lets start. I'm Harry, and you are?"


  "Allison. I like that name." He winked at me. "Wanna seat with me for lunch?"

  "I would love to." I winked back at him.

 I know that it's wrong to tease him like this. But I have to admit... It's kinda fun. He walked me to his table. Everyone stared at me on the way there. Probably thinking I was a ugly slut. But I had to ignore the stares. We got to the table and saw the rest of the boys there, with four other girls. The game had started. Harry introduced me to all of the boys and we ate lunch. We went outside for recess. Shockingly Niall talked to me.

  "Hey Allison."

  "Hey Niall."

  "Wanna go somewhere?"

 Don't rape me. "Sure..."

 He grabbed my hand. It felt kind of nice, but I had to shake that thought away. He took me to a big oak tree and we both sat down next to it.

  "It's a pretty day isn't it?"

  "Of course." I said.

 Niall replied, "Not as beautiful as you though."

 I didn't know what to say. I don't really talk to boys that often. And talking to the most popular boy in the school was even more nerve racking. I blushed and smiled at the ground. We talked for the rest of recess until the bell rang for 3rd period. He walked me to class, and didn't make a move on me for the rest of the day. He seemed different, but it could be just a trick to get me in bed so I stop thinking about him for the rest of the day.

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