I'm a normal teenage girl. 18. Senior. And utterly baffled with the perfection of the 5 most popular, most beautiful guys at my school. All the girls love them because they're so sweet. But when I find out their true personalites, I am left horrified.


1. Chapter one.

   I arrived at school early wanting to find a good parking space. And it was just my luck to arrive at the same time that the 5 most popular boys at my school did.

Niall Horan. Zayn Malik. Louis Tomlinson. Harry Styles. And Liam Payne.

I stepped out of my car and kept my head down as I walked past them. They were the kind of guys that could make or break your reputation. I got to the school doors and was relieved they hadn't noticed me. But then I heard those british and irish accents and held my breath.

   "Hi!" They all said in unision. If this was my one chance to get to talk to the boys, I had to make it good. Ya know, play hard to get. "Oh hey, I didn't see you there" I said.

 Harry Styles said something to the other boys and then turned to look at me. He quickly said, "We gotta go I'll defaintly see you later though." He winked at me and then disappeared into the school building. I went into the school and saw Sandy waiting for me.

   "Hey Sa-"

   "Oh don't play innocent with me Allison! I saw you by Harry and them! I can't believe you would do something like that!"

   "What are you talking about Sandy?"

   "You don't know what they... Do?"

   "Well I know they always have girlfriends, but all the guys do... Right?"

   "Oh Allison. I don't think they ever had a girlfriend! They pick 5 girls, virgins, and take they're virginity. And the person of that group who took the most girl's v-cards gets 'the hottest guy' title in the yearbook!"

   "That's why they have so many pictures in the yearbook?!"

 Sandy nodded. "I heard them when they walked by... Your one their targets..."

 I was furious. I can't believe how guys could be such jerks! They are most certainly not going to take my virginity that easy!




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