They said it wont last


2. No!!

Lexi's pov
"mom!?" " Open this door right now!" "NO!" " Lexi! Get out of the car! You are not to be with him remember!?" " you never said that i cant be with him you only said that if he breaks my hear and sh** that you are gonna say told you so!" with that i told harry to drive and he did. On the way to have dinner he didnt ask what happened back at my house, which i was thankful for. Harry opened the car door like a gentlemen and we both walked inside with our hands intwined. When we sat down at our table the waitress came and aked what we wanted to drink. But before she left with our drink order she gave harry a wink then left. When she came back with the drinks she kept staring at harry and he stared back. I thought it was nothing but when we ordered she forgot and i had to take her attention off my bpyfriend so i can order. But when she left she made sure to put her hand on his chest and run her hand up to his shoulder the left with a proud look on her face. I about haad it i didnt talk to harry while we were waiting for our food and while we were eating. Once we paid she slipped her number into harrys pocket while we were standing up. I had enough... "REALLY!?" then she turned around and answered "what?" " stop flirting with my boyfriend!" " o come on he doesnt even like you! I mean seriously look at you! Your ugly!" i was shocked when she said that that harry didnt do anything! Thats it " HARRY! Really!" " Babe calm down you are over reacting." " really!?!! So i should watch my boyfriend flirt with some slut right in front of me!?!?!!!" " i wasn-" " save it harry!! I HATE you HATE you!!" " lexi wait! I wanst flirting!" i was already out of the place not wanting to listen to his excuses. " Lexi-" "NO! Harry NO! That hurt myfeelings ok!! It hurt! But no! You just want some slut instead of a person who actually cares about her boyfriend! I'm done! Tell the boys i love them!" " what about me!" " i HATE you harry, goodbye!!"

Harry's pov
I cant believe she said she hates me! It was that waitress's fault! She ruined everything! She said she loved the boys but hated me?! Wow. I Dont know what to do should i win her back? I cant! I have to go back on tour tomorrow! I hope she doesnt find another boyfriend when im gone. I really want her back like right now. What am i going to do....
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