They said it wont last


1. I love him!

" IT wont last, lexi! Get that trough your head!" lexi's mom yelled at her. Shes been like this for about a hour now, ever since she told her mom that she was going out with harry. Yes harry styles from One Direction, the biggest boyband in the world!

Lexi's pov.
I knew it was a mistake telling her! Why did she always yell at me when ever i got a boyfriend? I get it that he's in a boyband and all but i trust him and love him with all my heart! " why can't you see that im happy with him!" i screamed at my mother. " Because hes going to break your heart! He will cheat on you when hes away on tour! You can't trust him!!" " MOM! I love him and he loves me! Stop! Im happy and you cant tell me who to date!" " I will tell you who to date! Cuz when he breaks you heart amd you are moaning around because of him im going to tell you i told you so and you'll be sorry you ever dated him!" i had had enough of her bulls**t! I ran up to my room and slammed the door shut and locked it. I looked at my iphone with the front camara shattered and saw a text from harry. It said " hey beautiful! Cant wait to see you! I'll pick You up at 6?" i jad totally forgot! We were going out to dinner tonight! F**k my moms not going to let me go anywhere tonight. I will just have to tell her i going out with friends or something. I looked at my clock and it was already 5:00 so i rushed into the shower. I got out and dried my brownish hair, letting the waves fall down. I put on my black flowing dress and some flats. I texted harry saying ill meet him in the car cuz my mom would know im lying if he came knocking at my door. I look put my window and saw his car parcked out side i quickly grabbed my purse and phone and rushed down the stairs to the door. I told my mom real quick that i was going out with some friends and left before i got a respones. I jumped into harrys car and gae him a kiss that lasted more than a few seconds. We pulled apart when we heard a knock on the passenger window. I turned around and when i saw who it was my breath got caught in my throat
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