Chasing Dreams -Niall and Harry fanfiction

Caroline Richards. She is rich, gorgeous, but also, she's very sweet. The opposite of what you'd expect from a girl that lives in a mansion with just two other people, right? She's 19 years old, by the way. Anyways, Caroline starts getting bored of the slow life in America, so she decides to move to London, the place she'd always dreamed of living in. She was a big time model, and had the money, so she set off to chase her dreams. Little does she know, that one day in London, would change her life.


11. What?


When we got downstairs everyone was busy stuffing their faces and chatting, so we slid into the two open seats. That happened to be right next to each other! I grabbed a few waffles and started chatting with everyone else. Honestly, I've never been worried about what other people thought when I ate like a pig. But now, it seemed like Niall watched my every move. I mean, what if I had something on my face? Or what if I spit food out while I was talking? What if I threw up? My mind was racing a mile a minute, when suddenly, I felt a warm hand grab mine from under the table. I looked over at Niall.

"Are you okay love?" He asked, looking worried.

"Oh! Of course I am," I smiled. "I think I'm done eating, I'm just going to watch some tv."

"Okay, I'll come with you," He replied, getting up before I could say no. Oh, my little Niall. Emphasis on 'my'!!

We excused ourselves and flopped down on the couches. I flipped through all the channels and couldn't find anything good, so instead, I just popped in 'House at the End of the Street'. Niall looked at me when the home screen came on.

"Babe... I don't like scary movies..." His eyebrows scrunched up. 

"Aw, don't worry babe! I'll protect you!" I giggled and wrapped my arms around him. I for one, LOVE scary movies! I don't know why, but I just love the chills that you get when you don't know what's going to happen! The suspense is just amazing!

About an hour into the movie, I felt myself drifting off a little. This was actually pretty boring. I thought it'd be a lot scarier, I sighed. Then looked over at Niall. What?! He was already sleeping! That little sneak! How did I not guess that he would fall asleep? I got up and turned the tv off. Then laid a soft blanket over Niall. I was leaning over to kiss his forehead when suddenly... He grabbed me and pulled me down on the couch with him! I tried to wiggle out multiple times, but he just wouldn't let go! I sighed and stopped trying, slipping into dreamland...


I woke with a start. Wait, what time is it?? Where am I? I looked around me, I was in the living room, but no one else was there... I looked at the time on my phone. 7:30 PM?!?! I seriously slept all day?? This can't be possible!! I immediately got up and started looking around the house. No one was home. No one had texted me. There were no notes or anything at all. Where did they go?

Then I remembered the sound that had woken me up... What was it? What is happening??




Sorry for the super short chapter!! I'll try to post a longer one the next time I'm on! Anyways... It'd be absolutely amazayn if some of you could email me possibly? I need ideas for what's going to happen next! I mean, I have a plan, but it'd be great to have other people's ideas too! Just in case one of you has a better thought than me, you know? Well, bye for now my lovelies!! =^-^= xxx

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