Chasing Dreams -Niall and Harry fanfiction

Caroline Richards. She is rich, gorgeous, but also, she's very sweet. The opposite of what you'd expect from a girl that lives in a mansion with just two other people, right? She's 19 years old, by the way. Anyways, Caroline starts getting bored of the slow life in America, so she decides to move to London, the place she'd always dreamed of living in. She was a big time model, and had the money, so she set off to chase her dreams. Little does she know, that one day in London, would change her life.


7. Thinking about the past


I kept glancing back at Niall while I was talking and laughing with everyone else. Our eyes met every single time. I wonder why he didn't just walk over and talk to me? Maybe he knew I needed space, poor Niall, he was always putting others' feelings before his own. He's so sweet. 



All I could think about, was the fact that Cara kissed him. She kissed him. I was so jealous, but why? I should've seen it coming. I mean, during paintball. Well, that hadn't gone as planned. Maybe this is for the best. Maybe her and Niall were meant for each other. He's the only one that she's opened up to the most. I can tell that she trusts him, maybe not with her whole heart, but I see the way she looks at him. It hurts me so much, but I think Niall should have her. She was beautiful, perfect really. But, my mate deserved her more than I did. So I'd have to let her go.



"I've gotta go guys," I looked at them all. I couldn't keep pushing back the bad memories. I needed to go home and call Jewels and mom. Make sure they were alright.

"Oh, we'll meet up later okay?" Eleanor spoke up first. Then she came up and hugged me tight. "Drive safe darling! We'll have to go shopping together later on or something! Girls' night out!" She yelled as she walked back to the group. I hopped in my car and drove home. While we had been in paintball, I had the man from the airport drop my car off, so I could make it home on my own. The whole drive, all I could think about was Jewels and my mom. They meant everything to me, and I missed them so much. All of the sudden, flashbacks from before started playing through my head. No matter how hard I tried to think about something else, they wouldn't stop.


"Get away from her, Ben! One more step and I'm calling the cops!" I threatened. Even though I had sneakily called the cops already. We were all in the mansion, but mom went with dad on one of his business trips this time. So we were all alone.

Ben had been my boyfriend for a whole year, I thought I was in love. I wasn't, I hadn't realized that until now, when it was too late. I wish I could go back in time. I would go back to the day we met, and just walk past him when those other seniors jumped him back in school. But no, little Cara has to be oh so sweet and try to help him. After that well, we became closer, and eventually a couple. He was perfect. He was the most romantic guy ever, and we would never argue. He even got along perfectly fine with my parents. He was basically every girls's dream boyfriend. I guess I spoke to soon though. Tonight, he was drunk. I've never seen him drunk before, and I realized that it was all my fault too. He had seen me talking to some other kid at school, and immediately thought that I was into him. Which isn't true, he was actually just my classmate, and I needed help with my math homework. I tried to explain that to Ben, but he just looked at me with pain written all over his face and ran. I just shrugged and thought he'd come back eventually. Which, he did. He came to my house at about midnight. So drunk that he could barely stand. I was upstairs doing my homework when I heard yelling. 

"Ben! You need to leave, you can't see her while you're this drunk and angry!" Jewels was yelling at him.

"Just let me see her!" He sneered in the nastiest voice ever. I cringed at the sound of it. That's when I heard an odd sound. It was the sound of a knife coming out of the kitchen knife stand. Then, I heard a scream. I didn't hesitate for a split second. I called the cops and whispered my address. Then ran downstairs to them.

"Get away from her, Ben! One more step and I'm calling the cops!" I threatened. he had a knife, and he had already stabbed her in the leg. My beautiful sister, how could he do this to her?! She just laid there, moaning in pain. Then I saw a glint in my eye. He was advancing towards her again, except this time, it was aimed at her heart! I immediately went into action. I sprinted over to her and stood in front of her. Then, everything started to fade. I could distantly hear worried voices and police sirens. Is this it? Am I dying? Then it all went completely black. All of the sudden, I could hear voices again. It felt like I had been in this darkness for ages, so that was reassuring. I felt pressure on my hand and immediately opened my eyes. There stood, my mom and dad. I looked all around me. Great, I'm in a hospital. What happened anyways? Then, the whole scene flashed through my head. I bolted up straight. "Where is Jewels?"

"Darling!" My mom sounded very worried. "Lay back down! You can seriously injure yourself more! Calm down, Jewels is in the room next door. She's perfectly fine. The wound isn't that deep, so  she should be visiting you within the next two hours okay?" I nodded my head and laid back down. I felt pain suddenly surge through my stomach. I looked down. There were bandages all over it! I gasped. Then dad quickly walked over and put my hand in his.

"Everything will be fine my beautiful Cara. You were actually very lucky. The doctor's had talked to Jewels. She said that he had the knife aimed at her heart, but you jumped in front of her without a single muscle of hesitation. She was gushing over how amazing a sister you are. He was already going when you jumped in front though, but since you were wearing heels, you were taller than Jewels, and he ended up stabbing you in the stomach instead. The doctor's said that you have to stay here for at least a month, but you should be fine before then." He smiled. Wow, I really saved my sister's life? I mean, I always told myself that I would protect her, no matter what. But I didn't know what would happen in the actual situation!

*Flashback ends*

I pulled up to the house shivering from the flashback. Why did it bother me so much? I mean, it was over six months ago now, yet it still had the same effect as if it was just yesterday. As soon as I stepped inside the house, I dialed Jewels' number.



Hey there lovelies! So I found out that I might not be leaving, sooo, I decided to write a chapter as soon as I woke up this morning! Woohoo! I have some surprises planned, so we'll see how it all goes!! Goodbye now! =^-^= xxx

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