Chasing Dreams -Niall and Harry fanfiction

Caroline Richards. She is rich, gorgeous, but also, she's very sweet. The opposite of what you'd expect from a girl that lives in a mansion with just two other people, right? She's 19 years old, by the way. Anyways, Caroline starts getting bored of the slow life in America, so she decides to move to London, the place she'd always dreamed of living in. She was a big time model, and had the money, so she set off to chase her dreams. Little does she know, that one day in London, would change her life.


20. Setting the Plan in Motion


I had already told Cara the plan for Haz and Jewels. She completely agreed, and it made me think... Wow, Cara really has turned me into a real man. I actually think for myself now, and take initiative. The other boys noticed that lately too. For once, I feel like I'm growing up. Something that I'm completely terrified of, but ready for at the same time. The plan was already in motion, and I actually felt pretty proud of myself.



I sat in my room until an hour before dinner time. Cara had left after our little conversation so I had time to think everything over. I mean, yes, I really like Haz, but was it worth the possibility that my heart would be torn up in the process? I've felt like this about other guys before, but they never feel the same. They always leave me heartbroken. Maybe I'm just not cut out to love...

"Jewels?" Someone said, knocking on my door.

"I don't want to see anyone right now," I yelled.

"I'm coming in." His deep voice rang through my ears as he walked in, closing the door behind him.

"Harry, what part of 'I don't want to see anyone' do you not understand? I look like crap! Get out!!" I snapped.

"No. You're hurt by something and I'm gonna sit here holding you until you tell me what's wrong." With that, he sat on my bed and wrapped his strong arms around me. Who am I kidding? I can't be mad at him, no matter how hard I try.

"Nothing's wrong. I'm fine." I said.

"Shhh," he whispered, playing with my hair. I couldn't hold it in anymore, I started bawling my eyes out. He just sat there, rubbing my back, letting my cry into his shirt, his chin on my head.

"Harry.." I looked up after a while. The years had finally stopped, but my voice was all croaky, and my face was probably a disaster.

"Yes love?" He asked, leaning dangerously close to my face. It took every bit of my power not to kiss him right then and there.

"How do you know if someone loves you back?" I whispered.

"By saying exactly that." He breathed, then closed the gap between us. Butterflies and fireworks shot through my body. It was the most amazing kiss I've ever had in my life. He pulled away, leaving me wanting more. I pouted.

"There's more where that came from babe," he winked and hopped up from his spot.

"Whatever." I kept my pout on.

"Babe, go clean yourself up and dress up. We're going out to dinner." He winked again then walked out. Wait. We're going out?! I was going to need a life time to get ready!! Great. I jumped up and sprinted to the bathroom to start working on my sorry excuse of a face.



I can't believe it. She loves me! She said she loves me! Well, not exactly... But she implied it! I skipped down the stairs and couldn't wipe the massive grin off my face. No matter how hard I tried. Niall and Cara looked at me as I came into view.

"I'm guessing things went well," Niall laughed.

"Seriously Haz, are you falling that hard for her?" Cara started cracking up and almost fell off the couch.

"Is is that obvious?" I asked nervously. I could feel myself blushing.  Wow, I've never blushed this much for a girl. In fact, I've never been this happy to GET a girl!

"Yes, yes it is! Make sure to keep your cool at dinner!" Cara laughed.

I tried to wipe my grin off, but I couldn't. I waltzed up to the room I was staying in, and picked out one of my suits. This was going to be amazing.

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