Chasing Dreams -Niall and Harry fanfiction

Caroline Richards. She is rich, gorgeous, but also, she's very sweet. The opposite of what you'd expect from a girl that lives in a mansion with just two other people, right? She's 19 years old, by the way. Anyways, Caroline starts getting bored of the slow life in America, so she decides to move to London, the place she'd always dreamed of living in. She was a big time model, and had the money, so she set off to chase her dreams. Little does she know, that one day in London, would change her life.


3. Party!


Once I got there, I remembered that it was only 5:00. "Great," I muttered to myself. Nothing to do for the rest of the day. As if on cue, my phone rang. I ran over to answer it, and immediately heard Niall's Irish accent.

"Hey Cara! My mate Louis is having a party tonight, and I was.. er.. wondering if you would… um… want to be my.. date?"

"Of course! Haha, sounds like fun!" I giggled.

"Okay! Well, I can pick you up in say.. two hours?"

"Sure!" I gave him my address then we said our goodbyes. I almost sprinted to my room to start getting ready. I had a full two hours, so I took a half hour long shower. Then I went to my massive walk in closet and grabbed my sparkling dark purple dress with some black heels. Then I went back to the bathroom to do my makeup. For the finishing touch, I curled my hair and pinned up one side. Well, all set. I looked at the time, Niall should be here in a few minutes. I was so excited! I can't believe Niall actually asked me on a date the day we met! Maybe he does like me? I sure hope so!



Before I had asked her to go with me to the party, Harry had told me something. He told me that he fancied her! I couldn't say to my best mate that I fancied her to though? Could I? Instead I just left, and hopped in my car. I pulled up to the address. Wow, this is her house? Do I have the wrong place? I mean, this is H-U-G-E!! She said earlier that she lives alone, really? Eh, we'll have to see. I walked slowly up the walkway and saw her blue porsche. Yup, this has to be it. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I heard the click of high heels from behind the door, then suddenly it opened. Woah. There stood Cara in front of me. I though she was already beautiful earlier, with no make up on. But wow, I was at a loss of words. "You… look .. wow! I mean.. gorgeous! You look gorgeous!" I managed to tumble out.

"Why thank you Mr. Horan," She blushed.

I held my arm out, "Shall we?" She smiled and took my arm.



We sat in silence the whole way to Louis' place, but it was comforting. Not awkward. Once we got there, I heard music blasting, and the front door was open because people were in the front too. "Wow, there's a lot of people here," I cringed a little. I get a little bit claustrophobic sometimes, so this was going to be weird. I felt a rush of comfort as Niall slid his hand around mine and we intertwined fingers. 

"Don't worry, I'll be with you the whole time," He whispered into my ear. It was like he read my mind or something.

We walked inside, and I took a look around. I recognized Harry from earlier, and he was with three other boys. So we headed in their direction. 

"Hey mates!" Yelled Niall over the loud music.

"Hey Niall! Who's this?" The black haired, hazel eyed boy.

"Hello! I'm Cara! What are your names?" I asked, even I clearly new who they all were.

"I'm Louis! But everyone calls me Lou, or Boo Bear!" He was so childish! But it was cute, I already knew he would be like a brother to me.

"My name's Liam," He was so shy, or was it sad? I don't know, but I could sense that he would be my comforter. I don't know why.

"I'm Zayn! Vas Happenin?!" Wow, shocking. I've always heard that Zayn was the quiet, mysterious one, guess not, haha. 

"It's nice to meet you all! I think I'm going to go get a drink! I'll be right back!" Niall let go of my hand and I squeezed past all the people and towards the area where the drinks were. I grabbed a water bottle, poured it into a martini glass, sprinkled salt on the edges of the glass, and plopped a cherry in. I didn't want to drink any real alcohol, because I know how bad things get when I'm drunk, so I did all that so no one would try to make me drink.

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