You Don't Know You're Beautiful

Samantha is at her usual antics trying to set Katie up with one of her boyfriend's friends. But this time is different. Katie gets caught in drama, great memories, and maybe even love.


1. Not Again...

I flip my head upside down and coat my hair with a layer of hairspray. I dramatically flip back up and look in the mirror. I sigh as staring back at me is a not so special girl. Average face, brown hair that hangs off my shoulders, not skinny nor fat, B cup boobs; nothing about me makes me stand out in a crowd. "Well this is the best it's gonna get." I think out loud and turn around.
"Oh shut up Katie, you look great." On my bed sits my best friend Samantha flipping through a magazine. Tall, blonde hair, a Barbie like body, and not to mention a loud, bubbly personality, Samantha is pretty close to the exact opposite of me.
"Easy for you to say!" I look at her. I've always been jealous of her, but never envious. She giggles and runs up to me.
"Are you excited for tonight? I am! You haven't been out clubbing with Niall and me in ages! And I've talked you up to one of Niall's friends, and he'd really love to meet you."
I push away from her and my expression changes from happy to bothered. Sammy always tries hooking me up with her boyfriend's friends in the hopes that we could double date or something like that. "Sam..." I begin.
"Don't start with me, Katie. If you don't like him you don't even have to bother. But I must say he's quite the looker." She nudges me and winks. Before I could even start to complain again, the buzzer rings and a staticky voice comes through the small speaker by my door.
"It's Niall!" He says.
Sam pushes down the button and replies, "We'll be right down!"
"Hurry, would you? I'm freezing my ass off!"
We hurry down the narrow stairs of my shabby apartment building until we reach the exit and we walk outside. Niall spots us and we meet him at the taxi he has waiting for us. He puts his arms around Sam and slightly picks her up as he brings her in for a kiss. "I missed you, babe." He says and then looks at me and brings me in for a friendly hug. "How've you been doll? I feel like its been forever since I've seen you."
I blush and lie,"Oh yeah, I've just had tons of work to get done lately. You know how it is."
He nods and holds the car door open for Sam and me. "21 West 52nd Street. 21 Club," Sam tells the driver. Soon enough we're in front of the club. I grimace as I see the huge line down the block waiting to get in the club. Sammy notices and immediately whispers, "Don't worry," and struts straight up to the bouncer, not even giving a second glance at the long line of people. "Marco!" She rushes in and gives the bouncer a hug. "Katie this is Marco, Marco this is Katie."
He's smiling at me as he extends his arm gesturing towards the door and says, "Right this way."
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