You Don't Know You're Beautiful

Samantha is at her usual antics trying to set Katie up with one of her boyfriend's friends. But this time is different. Katie gets caught in drama, great memories, and maybe even love.


2. A Stranger

Sam grabs both of our hands and pulls us into the club, and to the center. Immediately, Niall grabs Sam and they start grinding. "Ugh," I think. I forgot what it was like clubbing with them; they are uncommunicable. I go out farther into the club but they are still in my eyesight. 30 minutes has passed and a few guys have come and gone but none of them really seek my interest. I look up to make sure Sam and Niall haven't left me and I see a stranger entering the club. He looks up and our eyes lock for a good five seconds. I blush and look down, embarrassed that I had stared for so long. I glance back up and he's still looking at me. He smiles at me and I awkwardly walk away from his view to the bar. I order a Long Island ice tea and as soon as it comes, I down it all in a second
"Rough night?" Says a deep, unrecognizable voice. I turn around and see the guy from earlier. I blush and turn away to avoid from answering the question. He puts his thumb on my cheek and gently leads my face back to his. "I'm only joking, love. Want to dance?" I nod and he leads me towards the middle. I stop him before we get too close to Niall and Sam; for some reason, I felt awkward having a boy around them. He wraps his arms around my stomach and he places my hands on top of his. We move on point to the music and for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I don't know how long we've been dancing before I get a little tired. I break his arms off carefully but I keep his hand in mine and he follows me to the lounge area. We plop down on the couches and my head falls into the space in between his shoulder and his neck as if it were made for it and everything feels right.
He looks down at me, his blue-green eyes soft and comfortable. He begins to speak, "I'm Harry." I felt dumb that I hadn't asked for his name or told him mine earlier.
"I'm Katie." I say softly.
"Well, Katie you look lovely tonight." I look down at our hands. It's become a habit for me ever since my first date in high school, when I guy compliments me, I look away, almost to repel what I feel is a lie. He pulls my chin up and to his. He makes our noses touch so that are lips are so close I can feel the heat of his breath. He kisses me and I kiss him back. His lips are soft against mine. Our lips are moving perfectly in sync with each other. He puts his hand on my jaw and I run my hand threw his curly hair. It seems as though we had been kissing for an eternity when I pull away. I smile timidly.
"Do you want to see my place?" He asks coolly.
I don't know whether it was because of the alcohol i had consumed that night, or because of the feeling that I had known him my entire life that made me reply, "Yes."
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