Road to Recovery<3

*2 Point of Views!!* Takes place in 2015
Melody is a suicidal girl who attempted suicide but got caught by her sister, Andrea. Andrea, being a giant gossip, told the WHOLE school about her Fail attempt.. After a week of straight of constant names being called Melody tried to kill Andrea. She failed.. her mom sent her to Degree 15, a mental asylum/ rehab center. There Melody finds true friends who help her on her road to recovery.
KacyLeigh is an extraordinary girl. Her family was very rich and when WW3 broke out in 2013 her family moved back to Italy to try to escape the War zone. So they packed up thier stuff and flew over. 100 miles into dead sea and they got bombed by the USA's worst enemy. Russia. After she was kidnapped she slowly went insane. She killed her owners. when she got new ones she would kill them too. when the russians caught on the leader sent her back to US and to Degree 15. There she meets 2 girls who help her get through recovery and help her trust again.


5. Melodys POV:Chapter 5

"New kids? WHAT." I said in complete shock. "Yeah.. uhmm I beileve thier names were Willy and Mina." Dillon said. "Damn. what room are they?" I asked. "I beileve they are room 769." I chuckled at the number. "I am going to go meet them!" I got up and ran to room 769. The door was closed. I knocked on it. I fixed my hair and a boy with short curly black hair and green-blue eyes. "hello?" He asked "Hey. I'm Melody. im in room 781." "Hi. I'm Willy." He wore a black tight tee shirt and gray skinny jeans. "Whos at the door Will?" "another patient." "Its not the crazy one right?" "Nope." He opened the door more. A girl with a blonde pixie cut was sitting on a bed. "hi. I'm Melody." She looked around 12. What did she do to be put in a place like this? "Mina." she said. "How old are you guys?" I asked them. "I'm 16. She's 14." Willy said. "Im 17." I said. "What ar eyou here for? you seem normal..ish." Mina said eyeing my hair. "Oh! you like?! I did it myself. But uhm, I'm suicidal and I tried to kill my sister." I said. "How about you guys?" "Oh.. well.. I killed my parents after they abused her. She was put inot mental shock.. Shes recovering but shes ben suicidal." Willy said. "Does she speak to anyone but you?" "I speak when I want." She said. "Do you guys wanna go socialize at all?" I said. "No... we will stay right here for now." I heard the lunch bell. "Well. I'm going to go make sure my roommate is okay and ge lnch." SHIT, I forgot about Kacy-Leigh! I ran out of thier room and down to the group of 5 leaving the gathering room. I stopped dead in my tracks. Kacy-Leigh was in the middle of the group laughing and having a good time. I smiled. It was a few minutes before Dillon noticed. "Hey Melody!!" He waved me over. I jogged over and hugged Kacy-Leigh. "I am so proud of you." I whispered in her ear and we stepped back. I stood next to Dillon. We went to get lunch.

"So whats the deal with the new kids?" Elana asked. "The Guy, Willy, killed his parents after they abused Mina, his little sister.The abuse put Mina in mental shock. She was suicidal and so He entered them both here." I said. "wow. I feel bad. Are they social?" "I think they just want treatment." We sat down at a table with our trays of food. Doc Marshfield and a few other docs that I havent seen before stood at the front. "There are alot more people here then I thought." I whispered to Dillon. "Its the 10 different floors." He said. "Dman.. there were 10 rows of 3 tables filled with up to 6 people. "Attention. Attention!" Doc Said. Everyone quieted down. "Can We have our new patients please report to the front of the Lunchroom." Kacy-Leigh, and I stood up. We noticed about 3 other people walk up. Willy and Mina walked up as well. We all stood there. Kacy-Leighw as holding onto my arm for dear life. Mina was dooing the same to Willy. Kacy kept looking out to Dillon who smiled reasuringly. What was going on here? I thought for a second. "Does Kacy-Leigh like Dillon?! It can't be! Doc Marshfield carried on. "Everyone please welcome our new recruits." The doc smiled and started waljing down the line introducing everyone. "Willy and Mina. Arrived last night. Dan. Gabby. Arielle. ad Finally Kacy-Leigh and Melody." I smiled and waved. "Please welcome them with warm arms. They all have thier reasons. " Everyone said Hello. "Thank You can take a seat." We walked back. A few of the guys from lower levels winked at me and Kacy-Leigh. We sat back down adn teh Doc continued on. "Now.. Here is the saddest part of the week. But also the happiest. Can the following people come up. It is your last day here. Mike. Safaa. Charlote. Wynter and Elana." She said. Elana looked up. "M-Me?" She said. "Your better now Elana.  ou came to lunch. The crowd is bigger then 10. You CAN ahndle it." "Go on up Elana. We will miss you." I said. "Have fun in the real world." Kiana said. Ms.Cat waved Kiana up. She ran up with elana and she stood by Ms. Cat. "Kiana. as the longest here could you please." she gave Kiana a box and Kiana smiled. She walked down the line giving them each a ribbon and certificate. She stopped tears brimming her eyes as she hugged Elana. "Good luck." she said. "Don't forget about us... Please." She said and Hugged Elana again. "I love you Kee.. Never would I forget about you. ANY of you!" She walked back to the table tears streaming down her face and hugged us all. "Even though I just met you two. Your apart of the family. Take care." She kissed our cheek and then they sent her to get her stuff. We all had tears in our eyes.

We continued to eat lunch then went back to the room. I pulled Kacy-Leigh into our room. "Can I ask you something?" "of course." Kacy said. "Do you like Dillon?"

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