Road to Recovery<3

*2 Point of Views!!* Takes place in 2015
Melody is a suicidal girl who attempted suicide but got caught by her sister, Andrea. Andrea, being a giant gossip, told the WHOLE school about her Fail attempt.. After a week of straight of constant names being called Melody tried to kill Andrea. She failed.. her mom sent her to Degree 15, a mental asylum/ rehab center. There Melody finds true friends who help her on her road to recovery.
KacyLeigh is an extraordinary girl. Her family was very rich and when WW3 broke out in 2013 her family moved back to Italy to try to escape the War zone. So they packed up thier stuff and flew over. 100 miles into dead sea and they got bombed by the USA's worst enemy. Russia. After she was kidnapped she slowly went insane. She killed her owners. when she got new ones she would kill them too. when the russians caught on the leader sent her back to US and to Degree 15. There she meets 2 girls who help her get through recovery and help her trust again.


1. Melodys POV: Chapter 1

My mum talked as she drove. "You didn't have to you know." "Yes Mother.. I know I didn't have to try suicide then attempt murder. but I WANTED to.. there's difference.. Learn it." I looked out the car window, my light blonde hair streaked rainbow, done over my face in the emo/scene style. my icy blue eyes covered by Aviators. My mum finally shut up. We had just arrived in America. Degree 15. World famous Insane Asylum was our destination. I pulled down the mirror in the car and checked my makeup; Black eyeliner with silver sparkly eye shadow. I pulled out my lip gloss and fixed my lips. "Is that really nessicary?" Mum asked. "Im still a teenager. there could be cute boys there." I said. "Mental guys." My sister, Andrea, put in from the back seat.  I turned around "Shut up you tight cunt Bitch!!" I screamed at her reaching for her throat. "Mum!!!" Andrea screamed. "Melody!!! Watch your language to your own damn sister!!"  Mum yelled. I turned back around "I was. I could have said much worse " I glared and put my headphones in and blasted the Stereotype song. 

I was snapped back to reality by my mom pulling up to Degree 15. The asylum/rehab. I got out and took in the building. It was pretty. Sea green paint job and  it was welcoming.. looked more like a fancy hotel... A hotel for crazy people that is. "Are you sure this is the right place??" "'Degree 15. World famous Insane Asylum slash Rehabilitation center.'" My sister read from the sign.. My mom got my suitcases out of the trunk. We didn't know how long I'd be here. i hoped for a while. As long as humanly possible. We walked though teh front door and A bright peppy lady, black hair with pink in it ran up to us. "Hello! you must be Melody! Welcome!" She squeeled. "Im Cat!" She squeeled again. "Melody Sinchars to check in." My mum said. "right this way. Doctor Marchfield will be in shortly." She said leading us to a Room. "Doctor arshfield will be in to discuss your. symptoms.. shortly." She said openign a door to a room. "You could say that." My sister snickered. "You bitch!" I lunged at her but was caught by 3 pairs of hands before i could even touch her.  :I'm so sorry Ma'am... Shes never this violent towards her." "LIES!" Andrea pitched. I tried to get her again.. but Cat stepped in the way. I growled and walked into the room. It was sterile and white. Padded walls and Padded seats.. What a stereotype. I took a seat and noticed i looked WAY out of place. My floral skirt with black bustier tank top stood out against the white. my pink felt heels clicked annoyingly. The Door opened to a tall lady with Carmel hair and green eyes. "Im Doc Marshfield. Ill be taking care of Melody whilst shes here." She said. She wore a white tank top with a black adn white striped cardigan and black skinny jeans with Black heels. She shook my mums hand and sat down next to me. "Thank you." "No problem.. really. " She took a breath. "Melody. can you explain to me why your mum felt the concern to send you here?" "I attempted suicide but was caught by her." i pointed to Andrea. "Who's that?" "My sister Andrea. After that she told the whole school of my failure. After weeks of being harassed and called names I tried to kill her by Strangling her and cutting her neck.. I was caught by my dad who then left the family. My mum thinks I'm loco.. instead of Sending me to prison she sent me to this hell hole" "Why do you want to go to Prison?" "They cant take me out when they 'miss' me." I said. "Your still a minor." Andrea said. "Shut up bitch!" I screamed. "sounds as if those two are your issue." " Just her." I pointed to Andrea, 'They've never gotten along Doc." My mum said. "I see. Okay well. young lady. lets get you to your room. You two may leave." Doctor Marshfield said. I luanched at Andreas back as she left but Doc Caught me. "no no... no more." The doc put me down and walked me to the 8th floor room 781. I put my suitcases at the end of my bed and sat there taking in the sights.  There was second bed, But no suitcase or belongings, The walls were black and there was a small bathroom, painted a purple color, at the end of the room. sighed adn took my heels off. I knelled down in front of my suitcases. I unzipped one; Clothes, my whole wardrobe; Unzipped the next, Shoes, makeup, Hair Supplies; girl necessities; Unzipped the last one, Blankets, i started unpacking the blankets by placing them on the end of my bed.I heard a clink and i looked towards it.. A pencil sharpener blade was laying on the ground. "Shit." I murmured and put it back in my suitcase. I closed it and put my heels on. I heard laughter and screaming from outside my room. I walked down the hallway towards the noise. There was a few people sitting there. "New girl." A guy said from across the room. "uhmm.. hi?" I asked sorta confused. "M-Melody?"  a girl with blonde hair asked. "Do.. I know you?" I asked. "Of course she wouldn't remeber me..." She seemed to talk to herself. "uhm .. I'm Kiana." I shook my head. "Same classes from Kindergarten to 9th grade." she said. " Oh yeah! weren't you a drugee??" I asked.  "I OD'd on purpose. i've been here for 2 years."  I moved to sit down next to her. "Its been a while." "Yeah two years." she said. "No one came for you?" "Nope.. Ms. Cat adopted me. I'm her little helper. but, uhm.. That's Dillon  Hes suicidal." Dillon was cute. Chocolate brown hair cut shortish. Still enough to play with. His eyes were the darkest brown possible. "That's Crazy mac. And that's Elana.. Elana is mentally disturbed and cantr handel a crowd bigger then 10 people. Shes always moved whenever we get new people." Kianna said.  "I came becasue Im suicidal and 'murderuos'" i said. Dillon moved next to me. "What happened?"  Dillon asked. "I tried to kill myself and my sister caught me. She told the school and i got harrased so I tried to cut her throat but she woke up and caught me." "wow.." they all said. Then they returned to what they were doing before hand. Dillon stood up and went back to his game of checkers with Crazy Mac. I sighed and went back to my room. I took out the razor adn sat on my bed. It on one end, me on the other. I was contemplating another attempt.. but it will probably end in tradegy.. As in me not dieing. I looked at my wrists; close too 100 deep cuts sew up. I had one on my neck but it heeled up and the stitches were taken out. They had sewn me up. Against my will.

I had a flashback:

I was sitting in my room. Tying this rope. I had already cut my wrists adn the blood was dripping everywhere. I didnt care. It wouldnt be my room for much longer. I finished tying the rope adn my arms hurt. I was getting dizzy. I stood up and the razor fell off of me and onot the floor. I Grabbed a chair and stod on it. I tied the rope to the ceiling fan about 9 feet from the ground. I grabbed teh razor and sliced my neck. I could feel teh blood runnign down. it wasnt that deep. But just incase. I put the rope around my neck as I started to cough up blood. I was about to jump when My sister walked in. I quickly kicked te chair out from under me. "MUM!!!! DAD!!! Quickly!!" She started crying. I heard screams before I blacked out.

I snapped back to reality with the door to my room opening. "Melody. This is your roommate."


Authors Note

Thansk for reading! Me and My friend and i co write this. She doesnt own a Movellas but we have a notebook that we write it down in. I will update as soon as possible. (: Thansk for reading. hop you liked it [; . Courtney Will be writeing KacyLeighs POV (:

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