Road to Recovery<3

*2 Point of Views!!* Takes place in 2015
Melody is a suicidal girl who attempted suicide but got caught by her sister, Andrea. Andrea, being a giant gossip, told the WHOLE school about her Fail attempt.. After a week of straight of constant names being called Melody tried to kill Andrea. She failed.. her mom sent her to Degree 15, a mental asylum/ rehab center. There Melody finds true friends who help her on her road to recovery.
KacyLeigh is an extraordinary girl. Her family was very rich and when WW3 broke out in 2013 her family moved back to Italy to try to escape the War zone. So they packed up thier stuff and flew over. 100 miles into dead sea and they got bombed by the USA's worst enemy. Russia. After she was kidnapped she slowly went insane. She killed her owners. when she got new ones she would kill them too. when the russians caught on the leader sent her back to US and to Degree 15. There she meets 2 girls who help her get through recovery and help her trust again.


4. Kacy-Leighs POV: Chapter 4

I wake up the next morning to Melody just getting out of bed, my book nicely placed on the night stand, and me covered in the blankets i packed. “What?... Oh morning Melody.” I smiled slightly and got out of bed and stretched. “morning” she smiled to. “Wanna go and socialize today?” “Um... sure?” “Sweet! Get ready then we will go :) And don't worry on like 4 or 5 people are here today :P” “Mkayy. :)” She gets ready, putting on her dead skinny jeans and her kermit the frog teeshirt and green connivers, and her black eye liner and green eyeshadow. I put on a spongebob baggy tank top tucked into blue shorty shorts. “Hey Melody!” “Yea?” “ Mind if i use your blue nike shoes in here?” “ Go ahead :)” I get the shoes on and do my hair and make up. I just did it very basic for today, for my hair its all straightened with the tips curved out and black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. “Mkay im ready :) Do i look ok?” she turns around and smiles. “WOW!! UR SO PRETTY!! i love ur sponge bob shirt!” “Haha! Thanks! ur really pretty to! :D” “Thanks! Ready?” “Yep.” “Ok! Lets go!” She grabs my hand and pulled me out the door and down the hall to this room with blue and purple walls and when we walked in everyone went quiet. i heard one person say “Wow.” and another whistle. “This is Kacy-Leigh :)” “...  H-... hey :)” I forced the words out. I got tense and nervous, then we walked to a little couch and sat their and we started talking. Then some one sat next to me. “Hey Melody! :)” He smiled and looked at me. i looked down at my legs, trying not to blush. Then he said “So. have u guys heard about the new kids that came last night?” “No?” “Oh. They are getting their rooms tonight. Melody you never introduced me to your fine friend here :)" he smiles getting a bit closer. “Oh! Kacy! this is Kacy-Leigh. :)” “Nice to meet you Kacy-Leigh :)” He smiles “And Kacy this is Dillon.” “N-Nice to meet you Dillon.” :) I think to my self for a minute. I might kinda like him :).

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