Road to Recovery<3

*2 Point of Views!!* Takes place in 2015
Melody is a suicidal girl who attempted suicide but got caught by her sister, Andrea. Andrea, being a giant gossip, told the WHOLE school about her Fail attempt.. After a week of straight of constant names being called Melody tried to kill Andrea. She failed.. her mom sent her to Degree 15, a mental asylum/ rehab center. There Melody finds true friends who help her on her road to recovery.
KacyLeigh is an extraordinary girl. Her family was very rich and when WW3 broke out in 2013 her family moved back to Italy to try to escape the War zone. So they packed up thier stuff and flew over. 100 miles into dead sea and they got bombed by the USA's worst enemy. Russia. After she was kidnapped she slowly went insane. She killed her owners. when she got new ones she would kill them too. when the russians caught on the leader sent her back to US and to Degree 15. There she meets 2 girls who help her get through recovery and help her trust again.


10. Kacy-Leigh POV: Chapter 10

After she took off i yelled her name. "MELODY NOOOO" the doctors on the floor rushed after her. I thought she was a goner and i collapsed into Dillions arms. I started bawling my eyes out. I thought she was gone forever. You could still hear screaming and a gun going off.

I heard the door open and i looked up; eyes brimming with tears. It was two doctors holding Melody between them. "MEL-" i got cut off by Dillon. "No.. Dont.. Shes alive see? " he poped a pill as the docs brought Melody into a room i had never noticed. They opened door and it was padded. The shut the door and i started bawling again.

"Kacy.. Kacy.. Kacy-leigh... KACY!" Dillon whisper shouted into my ear. "Shes okay.. Shes safe in there.. " "i...i was so.. So.. S-scared that sh-she w-wasnt coming ba-back." I stuttered out still semi crying.

One of the doctors phone went off. "Hello? .... Yeah.... Okay.." He put his hand over the receiver " they caught the killer.. We are going to walk you back to your rooms now" he uncovered the reciecer. "How many dead?" He asked quietly... "Holy.... 200? Wow... How many patients compared to doctors?" Everyone was filing out when i stayed behind with Dillon. "190 patients? 10'doctors? Shit.. Well contact thier families..." And he hung up. He turned around to me still semi cryingg in Dillons arms. "Come on Kacy-Leigh. Do you want to go see her?" My eyes lit up. "Yes! Yes yes yes!" "Can i come to doc?" Dillon asked. "Yeah. Im just gonna pat you two down before i let you in." "Okay." We said. Dillon took my hand and we followed the doc far down the hallway.

The doctor pat us down and called clear. He opened the door and the next thing i knew i was screaming.

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