Road to Recovery<3

*2 Point of Views!!* Takes place in 2015
Melody is a suicidal girl who attempted suicide but got caught by her sister, Andrea. Andrea, being a giant gossip, told the WHOLE school about her Fail attempt.. After a week of straight of constant names being called Melody tried to kill Andrea. She failed.. her mom sent her to Degree 15, a mental asylum/ rehab center. There Melody finds true friends who help her on her road to recovery.
KacyLeigh is an extraordinary girl. Her family was very rich and when WW3 broke out in 2013 her family moved back to Italy to try to escape the War zone. So they packed up thier stuff and flew over. 100 miles into dead sea and they got bombed by the USA's worst enemy. Russia. After she was kidnapped she slowly went insane. She killed her owners. when she got new ones she would kill them too. when the russians caught on the leader sent her back to US and to Degree 15. There she meets 2 girls who help her get through recovery and help her trust again.


8. Kacy-Leigh POV: Chaper 8

As Mel was in the bathroom, cleaning her cuts, I was stuck in the center of attention. Talking to Dillon. after the longest 5 minutes of my life she finally came out of the bathroom and I darted in. finally. alone. I pull a small Xacto blade from my purple lace bra and slowly drag it across my wrist, carving the word help. relief. bloody relief. After I clean and cover my new pretty picture. I walk out and every ones looking at me. "um. hey" Dillion gives me a blank, confused look. "Something wrong?" "No! No. sorry. im not thinking correctly. that's all" He smiles so I go back to my bed and read my vampire love novel. I eventually fall asleep and wake up around an hour later. Melody wakes me up screaming. "Someone went on a killing spree!" I look at her confused as I was still half asleep. "What?" she rolled her eyes. "someone. Went. On. A. Killing. Spree." 'WHAT? THATS INSANE!! Who died?" "most people on the lower levels. no one we knew." She said. "but they need us all in lounge down the halls.they barricaded the doors and want us all together so we don't commit suicide. WE NEED TO GO." she grabbed a few of our books, my ipod, her phone, she grabbed one of her razors and put it in the back of her phone. "want me to grab you one?" she asked. I pulled the Xacto out of my bra. " I got this." I said. she smirked a little and then grabbed blankets. "we are only aloud to the rooms 2 at a time."... WAIT "whose here with..." I looked behind her.  "Hey Kacy." Dillon said looking down a bit, " how long do we--" the door opened. Cat walked in. she looked bloody. "come on. we have to go. the doctor isn't happy. lets just get to the lounge." she said and grabbed Dillons hand and Melody helped me out of bed. we all ran to the lounge. I heard screams faintly in the distance. "who is going after the killer?" I asked. "the doctors on the lower decks." "why arent some of us?" "this is the suicidal deck. that's why." "but-" "no buts Kacy-Leigh. FOr all we know you guys could run up to him and let him kill you." I shut up after this.

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