Is It Real

Mia is in love with Louis Tomalinson. She dreams of becomeing Mia Tomalinson. Her older sister Casey is in love with Naill James Horan and dreams of becomeing Casey Horan. when Mia gets a chance to meet One Direction there is 1 person she will take Casey and Mia are going to a One Direction concert and meet the boys.


2. Plane rides

        Zayn's POV.

       We're getting on a plane to fly back to London. The boy's are pretty exited to get back home after our tour in New York. We're being seated right now. Louis is siting  by a beautiful dirty blonde with long, wavy hair and bright blue eyes. She look's like she's fifteen. Liam has to sit by a young fan who looks about 9, but he seems to be keeping his cool even though she is chatting away. Harry is sitting by me and Niall is sitting by a pretty brunet with curly hair, fair skin and deep brown eyes. I started feeling drowsy then I saw Niall get up telling me he was getting some food, oh that boy, he is always hungry. I looked back at Louis, he was sitting with a blonde girl and they were talking quietly. I've never seen Louis so well behaved or happy. The brunet Niall was sitting with was sleeping and I soon drifted off after telling Perrie that I was on my way home, I really did miss her.


    Mia's POV.

     Louis and I had been talk the entier plane ride, what are the odds that we got to not only meet them, but sit by them on the trip to London! Louis is the cuteist , funnist , hottest boy ever! Most important I think he likes me! 

     A voice come on the speaker telling us that the plane was getting ready to land. I turned to look at Casey, she was sleeping on Niall's shoulder. How could she fall asleep on a plane ride with One Direction!? I noticed Niall was looking down at her smiling, was he starting to like Casey? I laughed to myself thinking about how much she liked Niall. She had posters of him everwhere and she talked about him all the time! 

      We were getting off the plane and all of us were pretty hungry. Louis spoke up sugesting we go eat first then go swiming.    

"Lets go to Nando's! Please!" Niall begged. All the guys laughed, I couldn't help but laugh a little myself. We nodded in agreement.

"Sounds good to me!" Casey said, she was always hungry and awlways ate a lot, so it didn't suprise me when she ate almost a table full of food. The sat there staring at her in amazment, I was used to this. Niall was smiling at her, he ate just as much.

"Hey guys, Perrie should be here soon. I told her we were getting something to eat at Nando's." Zayn anounced. Honestly, I was happy to hear that, Casey and I are pretty big fans of her band, Little Mix. Perrie walked in 5 minutes later and intoduced herself to Casey and I after she gave Zayn a hug, they are so cute together! Louis and I sat her talking about absolutaly nothing, and I couldn't be happier. Casey and Niall were talking about who know what! Zayn and Perrie were catching up on what they missed while the boys were on tour. Harry and Liam were playing on their phones, accasionaly joining in and laugh about our conversaitions. I could tell this was going to be the best week of my life.

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