The Lone One

The Lone One is a creature from our imagination. It forever searches for something.


1. What if?

Let's just say there was something out there. Perhaps in the woods. Something that wasn't completely horrifying, yet very interesting. Let's try to think outside of the box. Outside of stuff that actually exists, and think of a world full of cotton candy and bunnies. No, no, no! Scratch that. Let's think of a world full of dark forests and wooden cabins. Not the kind where you are terrified because of the unknown, but something even weirder. A place where a creature so bazaar lives. A creature never thought of. This creature would be some sort of powerful animal. One with such force that it could kill off everything if it wanted to. But the catch is it chooses not to. The creature lurks in the muddy woods looking for a friend, but never finds one. It roams around trying to find someone, something. Nothing. The creature just goes its whole life waiting, and waiting, and waiting. The creature would be called....The Lone One. The Lone One would search hopelessly for something that would never be there. It would have such force to get mad and tear everything down, but it never would. TLO (the lone one) would never have any hope, any joy, any anything except woods and a joyless nothing we call it's world. TLO could be very scary, if it chose to be, but that's the thing. It is so depressed yet so kind and hopeful. It wanders it's murky home each day (which to it is 48 hours long, twice as long as our Earth days) just waiting for a friend. For something. Something to see. Something to hear. But nothing ever happens. What if this creature developed a love for a friend who it still hasn't found. A love for someone it knew would never exist. Yet still looked each day. This doesn't give each person reading a scare, yet a sympathy. What if TLO came to Earth one day. What if he was out there, looking, and we we're out here in our everyday lives. Its days would be shorter, and it'd die off quicker, never even having the chance at happiness. Just a short life without anything. But if we find it, it will live happily. It will learn something it never has known before; to have joy. It would stop eating the dirt and leaves from its normal habitat. Our scientists would clone it and give it a mate so that its kind could live forever. That would be the good world. But in our world today we would disect it and kill it when we found it. It wouldn't even have a chance. Our scientists would experiment on it. You know how some people have a fear for the unknown because they are afraid to be killed and experimented on by creatures like aliens? We would be TLOs aliens. Except it isn't afraid. It is anxious to someday find us. It WANTS to be with us. It is basically ASKING to die. Unless we change our ways. Start being grateful that we HAVE friends. We have people surrounding us, whereas TLO has no one. Maybe this would be some sort of sign. To change and to welcome. To welcome the next generation without crime and hatred. This is TLOs cry for help.

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