Emma is a 17 year old girl who just moved to London. She hates it there, no one is talking to her. Her mum always supports her, but her dad.... well he's not so supportive. Her dad have been abusing her and her mom for seven years now, they thaught moving to London would change things but it haven't changed at all. Her life is a big mess until one day she meets a certain celebrity.


5. Tears

Emmas P.O.V

"Then I left and came here." I finished. By now the tears were flooding down my face like crazy. I couldn't stop thinking about mom and where she was now. I hoped she had realised what peice of shit Dave was. Niall had been listening to me with a concentrated look on his face through my "story". Now he had a tear in his eye aswell. "Emma I'm so sorry." he apologized. "No it's ok, you didn't know. It felt good telling somebody, somebody I can trust. I know we've only known eachother for a day, but I feel like I can tell you anything. You are my best friend." I said even though it hurt me inside because I loved him as more than that. He took me in his arms and stroked my head. I just enjoyed the warmth of his body and fell asleep on his chest.

Nialls P.O.V

I held Emma in my arms and stroked her head, trying to comfort her. Her story was touching. That asshole Dave wouldn't lay a single finger on her again. I was protecting her with my life. "You are my best friend" she said. It hurt me, I felt something more for her. I wanted her in my life, I wanted to be with her every second. Our bodys fit like puzzle pieces. I could feel Emma was asleep. I relaxed and fell asleep aswell.

"Niall?" I opened my eyes and saw my mom stand in the door. "Who's that?" she said and looked at Emma.  "Oh hey mom, keep quiet please? She's asleep. This is Emma, I met her at school today, she helped me to classes and we became friends." "Yeah I can see that." She said. "Well it's late, I bet her parents are worried, have you called her them?" "Uhm.... mom... it's a long story, and I'm not sure if it's mine to tell. Can she just live her a few weeks? Please?" "Yeah of course if she's your friend then she's family." "Thanks mom." I said and smiled at her. She went into her bedroom. I slowly got up from the couch, trying not to wake Emma up. I lifted her up and carried her to my bedroom. I was very careful, I didn't want to awake her. I put her down on the bed and snuggled up behind her. I pulled the covers over us and fell asleep.

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