Emma is a 17 year old girl who just moved to London. She hates it there, no one is talking to her. Her mum always supports her, but her dad.... well he's not so supportive. Her dad have been abusing her and her mom for seven years now, they thaught moving to London would change things but it haven't changed at all. Her life is a big mess until one day she meets a certain celebrity.


7. Milk

I pulled away and looked at his breakfast. "Niall you're going to starv soon if you don't eat soon. Eat your breakfast." I said. "Na, I'm fine." I could hear his stomach craving for food. I patted him on the belly. "Eat." I went to the bathroom and thaught I would brush my teeth, and freshen up a bit. I walked into the bathroom and realised that all my stuff was at home. No sorry, let me correct that, Dave's home. "Niall." I said and walked out in the kitchen again. "Hmm?" He said and looked up from his bowl of cereal. He had milk all over his mouth. I burst out in laughter. He looked at me like I was crazy. "What?" He said. "Ni.. Niall..." Oh god I couldn't talk, I was laughing so hard. "Niall... look in the mirror." I finally said. He raised an eyebrow and walked in the bathroom. I couldn't believe that he couldn't notice he had so much milk in his face. He looked in the mirror and practically dived into the sink to wash it of. He looked up again and his face was as red as a tomato. I couldn't help myself and giggled at him. "Stop laughing, it's not funny." He said and pouted his lips. "Aw Niall I'm sorry." I laughed. I noticed he missed some milk on his cheek. I went over to him. "You missed a spot." I said and wiped the milk of his cheek. He put his hand on mine and looked into my eyes. No, this couldn't be happening. I couldn't fall for him. Even though I probably did 2 years ago. I said we were friends to him. I couldn't ruin our frienship. "Uhm... I need to buy a toothbrush... and other stuff..." I mumbled and pulled away. I could see the hurt in his eyes and regretted that I had pulled away. But done was done. "Yeah... yeah of course." he said. "We can go to the mall later." "Okay." I said and gave him a smile. I thaught I needed to lighten up the mood a bit. "I don't have any money, shit. Can I barrow a toothbrush?" He laughed a bit. "Emma, don't you remember what I said yesterday? I think I have enough money to spare." "Niall I don't really like when other people pay for me. I feel like I'm stealing from you." "Okay Emma, stop, I'd be happy to pay for you." "But Niall..." I began. He just put a finger on my lips. "Hush, I will pay for you." He said and smiled. "Thank you." "I have an idea, why don't we bring the other lads aswell?" "Niall, I don't think they think it's so fun watching me shop." I said, but felt excitement inside of me. "I'm sure they'll be glad to meet you. And I miss them aswell." He said and looked down at the floor. "Okay, they can come." I didn't like seeing him sad. "Yay!" He jumped a bit. "I'll call them." He went of and I heard him dial a number on his phone. I was going to meet the rest of the band. Finally, after all this time. And I was more than excited.

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