Emma is a 17 year old girl who just moved to London. She hates it there, no one is talking to her. Her mum always supports her, but her dad.... well he's not so supportive. Her dad have been abusing her and her mom for seven years now, they thaught moving to London would change things but it haven't changed at all. Her life is a big mess until one day she meets a certain celebrity.


26. Forever

2 years later

Emma's P.O.V

Two years have passed. Me and Niall are still together. I did call Molly. The girl I met at the London Eye remember? We are really good friends. When I inroduced her to the boys she freked out, of course. She has met her prince, Harry. They are so cute together. They have almost been together for a year now. Zayn and Perrie are still together, but due to her carrier in Little Mix and Zayn's in One Direction they don't meet very often, but they skype eachother, every night. You can really see that he misses her. Louis and Eleanor are getting married in a few months. Louis's proposal was so romantic. He took El out for dinner at a fancy resturant. He then went up on stage and sand More Than This to her. He then went down on one knee and asked her to marry him, infront of all the resturant guests. Liam and Danielle got married about a year ago. I was a bridesmaid with Eleanor, Perrie and Molly. They now have a newborn son. Liam Jr. We never saw Dave again. I have a feeling he will come back someday. But I won't let him get to me.

Today is mine and Niall's 2 year anniversary. He said he had a surprise for me. There was a knock on the door. I jumped over to open it and saw a very handsome Niall outside, in a tuxedo. "Oh hey handsome." I said and kissed his lips. That feeling of fireworks is still there, as strong as the first time we kissed. "Hello beautiful." He whispered against my lips. I giggled and pulled away. He licked his lips. "Ready to go?" He said. "Yup, let me just get my purse." I jogged into my room and grabbed my purse. "Let's go." "Hold on." He said and reached down his pocket. I raised an eyebrow. He pulled up a piece of black fabric. "Turn around." I did as he told me. He put the fabric over my eyes, a blindfold. I giggled as he led me down the stairs. We got into a car and drove off. "Why do I need a blindfold?" I said. "Because it's a surprise." I could hear his smile as he spoke. I sighed and leaned my head against the window. "Fine." "Oh don't pout. You'll love it." He took my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. After about 20 minutes the car stopped and we got out. Niall opened a door and led me to what seemed like an elevator. I heard a 'click' sound and we went up. "Niall where are we?" He grabbed my waist and whispered in my ear. "Someplace special." The elavator stopped and we got out. He led me up a pair of stairs and opened a door. I walked out of the door and felt a warm breeze hit my cheek. I heard cars in a distance. Where were we? I felt Niall's hands on the back of my head, taking off my blindfold, but stopped in the middle of his move. "Close your eyes."I sighed. "Why?" "Just do it." I closed my eyes. "Closed?" "Yup." He took my blindfold of. "Don't look." "I won't." He grabbed my waist and put his head on my shoulder. "Okay. Open." I opened my eyes and couldn't help but to gasp. We were on a roof, high up. The whole roof was covered in lights. They lit up the whole place in a warm, cozy light. In the middle of the roof was a table with an romantic dinner. Niall kissed my cheek. "What do you think?" "Niall this... this is amazing! When did you have the time to do all this?" He shrugged his shoulders. "Anything for my Emma." I turned my head around and kissed his lips. "I love it." He took my hand led me to the table. He pulled my chair out. "What a gentleman." He smiled and sat down opposite me. He lifted the lid of the tray in the middle of the table of and reviled a plate of eggs and bacon. I laughed and looked at him. "You cheeky bastard."

I dried my mouth with the napkin on the table. "It was delicious." He smiled proudly. He snapped his fingers. Out of the door came three men with violins and started to play a slow melody. I laughed at his cuteness. He stood up. I raised an eyebrow at him. He reached down his pocket, got out a little black velvet box and got down on one knee. I put my hands over my mouth. "Emma Joselyn Flyer. When I first met you I was overwhelmed with your beauty. Your shyness and your eyes made me fall in love. Ever since that day two years ago when I held you in my arms, I knew you were the one. Will you marry me?" I was speechless. The tears streamed down my cheeks. All I could do was to nod. He put the beautiful ring on my finger and smiled as a tear escaped his eye. I jumped out of the chair and into his arms. I pressed my lips against his and put my arms around his neck, grabbing his hair. "I love you Niall James Horan." I whispered againt his lips. He pulled away, grabbed my cheeks and spoke with a broken voice. "I will always love you. Forever."

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