Emma is a 17 year old girl who just moved to London. She hates it there, no one is talking to her. Her mum always supports her, but her dad.... well he's not so supportive. Her dad have been abusing her and her mom for seven years now, they thaught moving to London would change things but it haven't changed at all. Her life is a big mess until one day she meets a certain celebrity.


25. Flashback

Niall's P.O.V

I was willing to try anything to remember. I wished I could remember my life, I wanted to remember. I wanted to remember the past 2 years. I wanted to remember my band. I wanted to remember my relationship with the beautiful girl infront of me. I wanted to kiss her. It was weird, every time I looked at her, I felt thousands of butterflies in my stomach. I wanted to hold her in my arms, and never let go. I felt like I needed to protect her from something. Like it was my job to do, even though I had no idea who she was. Only that her name was Emma and that she was my girlfriend. I pressed my lips against hers. Sparks flew through my whole body, my lips became fireworks, my knees became weak. Suddently, I remembered. It was like a huge flashback. I remembered my X Factor audition. I remember the first time I met the boys, Liam, Harry, Louis, Zayn, how we got put together as a band. One Direction. I remembered the crazy times we had at the videodaires. The performances, how nervous I was every week. I remembered the final, the third place. The record deal. I remembered the X Factor tour. I remembered recording the songs for Up All Night. I remembered the Up All Night tour. All the fans. I remembered the weird questions I got every day. I remembered recording Take Me Home. The release of Take Me Home, how everybody freaked out about how amazing all the songs were. I remembered recording all the musicvideos. I remembered the shy girl I met on the way to my first day of the new school. I remembered how we clicked at first sight, and were like best friend in seconds. I remembered how we came late to classes, and getting detention because we talked to much. I remember her telling me about her abusive father. I remember how increadibly in love I was with her. I remembered the feeling of having her in my arms. I remembered how she left, and how heartboken I was. I remembered how I was kidnapped, taken to a basement of unaware location. I remembered how we ran away. I remembered how I pushed her of the road. Emma. I slowly pulled away and put my forehead on hers. "I remember, everything." A tear escaped my eye and streamed down my cheek. I was so happy. Emma was safe, I was safe. Everyone was safe. I hoped that I would never see Dave or Merle again. I would never leave her side again. I grabbed her cheeks and stared into her beautiful eyes. "I love you." A tear streamed down her cheek. "I love you too Nialler." I kissed her sweet lips again. I truly loved her.

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