Emma is a 17 year old girl who just moved to London. She hates it there, no one is talking to her. Her mum always supports her, but her dad.... well he's not so supportive. Her dad have been abusing her and her mom for seven years now, they thaught moving to London would change things but it haven't changed at all. Her life is a big mess until one day she meets a certain celebrity.


16. Dave

The man with the brown hair put me down on the floor and turned me around. The room was boring, normal gray stone walls, normal gray stone floor, an alone chair up against the wall, a desk and a chair infont of it. In the chair there was a man. He was sitting facing the desk, looking deeply consentrated. "Yeah, and the kid is here aswell." The man turned his chair around. He was bald, had beard around his mouth and dark, dark eyes. He wasn't as fit as the other man but probably pretty strong. He seemed familiar, like I've read about him in a book. I coulnd't place him anywhere. Then I realised, Emma had told me about this man. She had told me about his dangerous dark eyes. She had told me about his strenght. She had told me about his face. She had told me about the little dragon tattoo on his neck. I knew who he was. Dave. Anger filled my body. It felt like my blood was on fire. I was furious. All I wanted was to see him dead. He had hurt Emma, for such a long time. I could see him punching her, kicking her. I could see him yelling at her, make her feel bad about herself. This was the man who Emma hated so very much, and I hated him too. I tried to pull away from the other man. But he held me too tight. I couldn't move an inch. I tried screaming at him, but I couldn't form a word under that damn duct tape. All I had accomplished was making my head go red from frustration. "You're full with energy aren't you?" Dave grinned at me. I just glared at him. "Well, guess what? Your energy will soon be all gone." Was he going to kill me? I didn't care, as long as Emma was safe, I didn't care. But if I had a choice, I'd prefere not to die. Dave looked at the man besides me. "Good job Merle. Take him in there. He nodded at a small door in the corner of the room. The man, Merle pushed me in the direction of the little door. My feet were tied together so tightly I fell. I closed my eyes and prepered for the pain. But it never came. I heard Dave's laugh and someone pulling me up. "Don't want to mess up that face just yet." He chuckled. Merle sighed and lifted me up agian. He grabbed the chair that stood at the wall and opened the little door.


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