Alyyssa is in alot of trouble at home always. She's stubborn and doesn't care about anyone. So her parents want her attitude adjusted but they are just to nice to do so, which leads to them sending their daughter to her aunts who lives California. Fairwell Australia , Hello America.


3. Shipped away

I wake up with a pounding head and my eyes hurt as they adjust to the bright light.Ugh! I feel so sick. I stumble out of my bed and attempt to get my clothes to get ready for my day , when my mother comes in and says firmly " Pack your clothes and meet me down stairs." I don't reply to her our say anything i usually would because my head hurts so bad. So i grab three luggage bags , two big and one small. I stuff the first two bags with clothes , hair products, my straightner and my laptop. The last bag is has my wallet, purse,and shoes. It's a little early for vacation time so i'm wondering whats up. I got dress and ran down stairs with all three bags. I got into the kitchen when i saw my parents and my passport. My mother was on the phone she had a very serious look on her face.I stood there awkwardly, waiting for my parents to get off the phone. "So, dad don't you think it's a little early for a vacation?" He laughed and then said "We aren't going on a vacation." " We are sending you to your aunts, she lives in America and now you are going to also." I looked at him shocked. " WHAT! I HAVE A LIFE HERE AND A BOYFRIEND AND FRIENDS?!" "We've given you many of times to straighten yourself out but you just can't seem to can you?" " We aren't hard enough on you we spoil you to much and it stops here." " So we are taking you to the airport in an hour." I sat there in shock of course my parents would ship me away they don't care about me at all. I didn't complain because i had no other choice , i couldn't change their minds at all, i'm done, my lifes over .. Goodbye Australia, Goodbye life .  

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