Alyyssa is in alot of trouble at home always. She's stubborn and doesn't care about anyone. So her parents want her attitude adjusted but they are just to nice to do so, which leads to them sending their daughter to her aunts who lives California. Fairwell Australia , Hello America.


2. My jail cell

I sat in a jail cell being monitered by a officer. The officer recieved a call of some sort and opened my cell. He grabbed my arm, then i yanked from his hold and walked to the front desk. I already knew my parents were going to pick me up , i mean why wouldnt they .  I rush pass my parents not wanting to hear their crap.So what i got drunk , i left out of the house with out permission , blahh blah blahhh, some teenagers do so much more. It's their fault they don't give me freedom , i mean we wouldnt have to go through this if they had. I storm out the door of the station and open my door to our range rover. "Alyyssa , you.." I cut them off by putting in my headphones and turning the volume up all the way. I listened to my favorite songs by Carrie Underwoods, Kayne West, Little Mix,and Rihanna.They were still talking i could tell but i just don't want to hear it. We pulled up in our drive way and i opened the door as soon as i could and walked into the house , my mother then grabbed me and yanked my headphones out. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" i asked agitated. " I need to talk to you, we are sick of this behavior, we want it to stop now!" she screamed. "I'll try ." I said sarcastically and shook my head as if i was being sincere . I then walked away and went to my room. I took a shower and got ready for bed but i couldn't seem to fall asleep. My mother and father were still talking in the kitchen i could hear them saying,"she's a mess" "She can't continue to act like this". I sat there in realization that i am a mess but i couldn't help it , even if i really did try i couldn't help it at all.I tried to close my eyes and fall asleep and it worked after a while.

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