Alyyssa is in alot of trouble at home always. She's stubborn and doesn't care about anyone. So her parents want her attitude adjusted but they are just to nice to do so, which leads to them sending their daughter to her aunts who lives California. Fairwell Australia , Hello America.


1. The House Party

I wake up at 2 a.m, the time when i know my parents are in bed. I open my window and slide the latter towards me, climbing down gently so my parents wouldn't wake up. Finally, it was time for the party of the year. I walked to the bus stop where Luke,my boyfriend, and I'd meet up. My parents hated Luke , which was one of the reasons i'd started dating him. I could totally understand why they hated him though, he was obnoxious and conceited.About fifteen minutes later , he pulls up in his new red Mustang. "Hey babe", Luke yells. "You were late", I said firmly."You would have waited for me anyway." We sat there in silence , until we arrived to the house party. You could hear the music from a block away, the house was lit up with black and orange lights. The owner of the house was out of town, they'd hung fake spiders,ghost, and bats on the house with jack-o-laterns in the front yard. "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" I heard as someone opened the door. The smell of alcohol filled my nose as i walked in . There's a table with nothing but alcohol on it, next to a table with chips and pizza. There were no other sources of liquid , i guess you were supposed to get drunk at this party.I drunk a beer or two and then sat on the couch, when suddenly i hear someone scream "THE COPS!". I got up but everything was blurred , i looked for Luke , screaming "LUKE!". So, i ran out of the house when i see Luke's red mustang leave with another girl in it. The sirens were getting closer so i tried to run away but i suddenly felt myself being cuffed and thrown in a cops car.

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