Stole My Heart

Carly Gray- Is famous for writing, acting, and singing and dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. She starts to miss her hometown Houston, Texas, USA. She goes to Houston for the summer and realizes there's a LOT of drama waiting for her back home. By that, I mean her former crush Jason Bennett.
Jason Bennett- Is left in Houston with Percy Clark, his best friend, and has fallen deeply in love with Carly. Thing is, she's famous and dating Louis Tomlinson. When she comes back, will he bring her back to him, or push her further away?
Percy Clark- He has always been against Carly and Jason dating since they met, because he's always been jealous of their amazing relationship and connection. When she comes back, is he still super jealous of his BFF, or has he fallen for Carly too?
Jennifer(Jen) Lewis- Carly's BFF. She's kept in contact with her friend for the last 4 years while Carly's been in LA, California. She's excited to see Carly and for Jason and her to date.


1. Prologue

Carly's P.O.V.

I used to be normal. Until about four years ago. I wrote a book, and it was published. I got famous. Then I did a movie. And then I started a singing career. I've been on the cover of all those teen magazines and written the script for a movie, directed it, and starred in it. Also, I'm dating Louis Tomlison. I miss my home though. That's where I'm heading. I'm going home for the summer.

Louis' P.O.V.

I'm dating teen star Carly Gray. She's beautiful. Brown hair, brownish-hazel eyes, and beautifully tanned skin. Yep. My girlfriend. I'm missing something. She's missing something. We don't share the same connection we used. Does she still love me?

Jason's P.O.V.

I wanted her back. Carly Gray. It's been FOUR years since I've seen her, in person I mean. I miss her so much! I have fallen for her. I never realized it before, but now it shows everyday that I long for the girl that used to long for me, but I denied I felt the same way. How could I have been so stupid?

Jen's P.O.V.

I heard the news from my girl Carly Gray. She's coming home for the summer. Not even her boyfriend Lou knows about it yet! I can't wait to see her again. I'm sure she's changed a LOT since I last saw her. I know who else will be happy to see her. Jason Bennett. He's been longing to see her for the last four years. Oh my. Here comes drama. Back off Louis, Jason's taking over the Carly train.

Percy's P.O.V.

Jason's been so depressed since the year Carly left Houston. Since she started dating Louis Tomlinson. It's so stupid. She's never going to like a guy like him. She can date Justin Bieber anytime she wanted. Why would she care about him? Would she care about me? What am I thinking?!? I don't care about Carly!!! I don't care about ANY girl!! I don't care her glowing brownish-hazel eyes or flowing brown hair. She was Louis' property. Not mine. Or Jason's. I DON'T like her!!!!!!!!

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