A Vampire's Rose

Charlotte Murray: Living in London, England is hard after my beloved husband's death and the run down of my boutique.Then something unexpected happen, one day, someone send me red roses. That someone was not a friend or someone I know. It was from a stranger. Do I have a secret admirer?

Luciano Roth: I'm a vampire. I came to London, England because of the falling of my clan, The Vampire Clan. I also came to London to take the blood out of a human. Then, I saw a beautiful woman and somehow got a tender feeling inside my heart. Instead of biting her, I send her roses everyday to show my love to her. Someday, we will be together.


1. Charlotte Murray

It was dark outside my boutique as I  clean up inside and put everything in place. It was midnight and I was working ever since 6:00am til 10:00pm today. I was exhausted from work and wanted to get sleep. Although, I don't know why I work those long hours. Nobody hardly comes to my boutique anymore because of my husband's death that happen a few months. Even though my husband gone, I couldn't get over it. I remember that very day on August first. We're were the only ones waiting for the subway to come take us the restaurant that just open a few weeks ago. When the train was around the corner, my husband, Andrew somehow stumbled over something and fell into the track. I scream with horror and try to get to the subway track at fast as I can. But, it was too late.

The subway ran over him and crushed him to death. I didn't got on the train that day.Thinking about his death makes me what to brush down in tears and calling his name, but it won't help anything.He is gone and the boutique was all I have left. My Life in London, England isn't that good either. I hardly ever walk in the streets on London, there were people looking and talking about me after Andrew's death. Some ever made up rumors that I push him to the tracks or I want Andrew to died.

Those rumors weren't true and Andrew was the love of my life. Being with Andrew was like being in a fairytale. Seeing Andrew makes me think that he was the prince and I was the princess. Kissing and feeling him was a pleasant moment. Now that he is gone, I am like a princess being alone in a castle and couldn't feel the pleasant moment.

After I tidy up the boutique, I went upstairs to my bedroom. I open a door which leads to a wooden balcony attract to my room. I step outside to the balcony and look at the dark starry sky. It was beautiful and it remains me how me and Andrew used to look at the stars every night here. Pointing at different constellations and planets. Looking at the stars, I notice a bright star. It was brighter than the other stars in the night sky. I remember the night before Andrew died. He told me about the brightest star.

"Do you see that star?" asked Andrew to me. On the night before he died, we're were cuddling under the stars on the balcony. Looking at the different stars in the sky. He was pointing  the brightest star.

"Yes" I put my hand on Andrew's chest and feel his heart beating.

"People say that if you wish on the brightest star in the sky. It will come true." he look at me with sparking eyes and smile gentle. 

I didn't believe in him first, but I replied."Ok I wish.". I close my eyes and wish. I wish that I have a perfect life with Andrew and hope my boutique get successful. 

But after that last night with Andrew, my wish I made turn out to be the opposite. Andrew died and the boutique wasn't successful.

After remembering that night, I look at the brightest star again. I close my eyes, put my hands together and look at the star.

"Make my life better please." I told the star softly.

After taking one last glare at the star, I went into my bedroom, change into my night gown, turn off the lights, lay on my bed and pulled the covers over me.

That night, I dream about Andrew, the star and my wish.




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