Abrianna was kidnapped at the age of four and kept in an underground cellar by the Hales her people's worst enemy the bavolta. Until she turned eighteen when her powers as a princess start to come through and she must be trained so her body guards come to her rescue. But the plot thickens when she accidentally falls in love with the bavolta prince. Will evil turn to good or will the Hale be over thrown and will evil rein again?!?!


2. Kidnapped

I opened my eyes to the sweet smell of French toast and fruit and the smell of pollen from flowers I had only just noticed how amazing the room was it was at least the size of two lounge rooms with beautiful teal coloured walls and an amazing painting on the roof I heard a light knock on the door " come in" I said sitting back down in the bed Andi popped her head around the corner " your breakfast is ready princess" she said I nodded " and Andi" I said just as she was about to close the door but she opened it up again to see what I wanted " yes" she looked at me " please stop calling me princess call me Abbie" she nodded and closed the door behind her. I had changed into a pair of shorts and a cream coloured tank top I threw on a pair of black back ballet flats and walked out of my room and looked around, it was a giant maze with corridors leading off corridors and twists and turns that made my head spin but the only way I was going to get down there was if I just walked somewhere. So I turned to my left and started walking down a long corridor that had large doors on either side all the way along about 10 metres apart I came to the end of the hallway and there were three different ways to go forward left or right and I didn't know which way to go , so I went with my gut right and kept walking I could smell the French toast in front of me I stop when the smell was wafting under two large white doors I grabbed the handle of one door and pushed down and slowly pushed it open I walked in and sitting on a large white bench was two slices of French toast covered in luscious fruit and icing sugar with a small glass of orange juice and someone who certainly wasn't Andi. He was quite short but taller than me he was very muscular with a broad chin and a small goaty he had dark brown hair with a few freckles across his nose he had very dark eyes they almost looked like they were black, I turned around to run out the doors but they closed before I got there I stopped in font of them and stood deadly still as I heard a large voice boom from behind me " so this is the little princess people think will end our race" he chuckled lightly and started walking over toward me his footstep so loud I'm sure that Andi should of heard them. He stopped about a metre from me and I felt his strong hand grabbed my shoulder as he spun me around to face him so violently that I fell over but he grabbed me by my hair just before I hit the ground I screamed out in pain it felt like my scalp was being ripped off but he quickly let me down but as he did so he slapped me hard across my face " don't make a sound or I will kill you but before your dead I will make sure you go through hell and back" he screamed in my face and slapped me hard again. He turned around and walked over to the window and just before he sat down I let out the loudest scream I could " ANDI HE- but he was already in front of me with his hand over my mouth but I licked his hand and he freaked out jumping back and wiping his hand on his dark grey shirt " you think that's funny princess" he screamed running toward me and kicking me in the stomach with all the force he could I yelped as he kicked me again winding me leaving me gasping for air I rolled over on my stomach in s much pain then he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me over to a chair and threw me against it my back struck the side of the chair and I hit the floor hard he started running towards me when I heard an angelic voice coming from the window I wanted to put my head up to look but I was in too much pain " STOP Dane" he screamed at the bulky guy so that was his name. Dane turned towards the window and stood silently " remember the kings orders to bring her back alive" the man in the window jumped off the window and walked over to me and knelt down next to me he placed his hand across my face and a pulse of electricity ran through my body and all my pain stopped it was like he had just turned the pain off he put his other hand on my face and lifted my head up and looked me over " you are very beautiful" he said as he stood up and turned toward Dane and started talking about something I looked at the guy from the window and he was simply stunning his gorgeous curly golden locks dangled just above his shoulders his buff body showing through his tight black shirt he was simply flawless he turned around and caught me staring at him " you like what you see princess" he smirked at me I looked down at the ground and shook my head " hmm I'm not sure about that, but it's time t go" he said walking over towards me and grabbing me by the waist and hoisting me over his shoulder. I kicked and screamed and when he got to the window Andi finally burst through the doors " Abbie" she screamed running for me but it was too late the gorgeous blonde had jumped out the window and into some weird black hole and I blacked out.
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