Abrianna was kidnapped at the age of four and kept in an underground cellar by the Hales her people's worst enemy the bavolta. Until she turned eighteen when her powers as a princess start to come through and she must be trained so her body guards come to her rescue. But the plot thickens when she accidentally falls in love with the bavolta prince. Will evil turn to good or will the Hale be over thrown and will evil rein again?!?!


1. Knowing

I'm so hungry my stomach has been growling for ages it is darker than normal in the basement, I have no idea where I am or why I am down here I don't even know what I look like. All I remember is when I was about 4 I was taken from my parents and locked down here shackled and chained to a basement wall, I've got no idea what the people look like I just know that they are two women. I heard the door creak around the corner in front of the shelves covered in junk, I saw a slither of light and then a shadow pass over the light coming from out of the door. I heard light footsteps walk towards the left wall and turn on the light switch. The tall blonde woman walked towards me wearing her balaclava so I couldn't see her face she was carrying a tray of food which looked to be a banana some meat and a cupcake with a candle in it she put the food on the small barrel and kneeled down in front of me she spoke in a high pitch voice " Happy 18th birthday Abrianna" she stood back up and grabbed the tray and sat it on my lap " blow out the candle" she said picking up the cupcake and holding it in front of my mouth. I did as I was told and blew the candle out " eat up" she said pointing to the food, I slowly moved my arms and grabbed the banana I pulled on my shackles trying to make it easier for me to hold the banana up I peeled the skin down and took a bite out of the banana it was good but didn't satisfy my hunger. I'd finished everything on my tray and I put my hands back down the tall woman got off of her chair in the corner and walked over to me she opened up her jacket and produced a key from a hidden pocket she leaned down behind me and undid my shackles from my arms and helped me up. She walked me up the stairs and out into the kitchen, they had the windows covered up with cardboard so no one could see in or out they walked me over to the treadmill which was stuffed in between two brown love seats ,the treadmill had parts falling off but they didn't care they just wanted to keep me fit for some weird reason I mean why wouldn't they just let me die. The tall women tied me to the treadmill and turned it on and set it on a speed of 5.9 which was like running but jogging at the same time, as I was jogging I heard the footsteps of the shorter lady walk into the room her voice deep and rough and scared me so much " we'll it's good to see you keeping fit, your majesty" she spoke as I felt her hand pat my back she walked over to where the taller lady was standing and they were both staring at me I could faintly hear them but not enough to make words out of it. Five minutes passed and they both got up and walked out of the room I could hear bangs and clangs coming from the front door then I heard the voices of the two ladies were running around arming themselves with these weird looking knife things and swords I heard one scream as I heard the door hit the floor I put my feet on either side of the treadmill to so I could stop jogging I looked towards the door to see two tall lean girls about the same age as me standing on top of the door the first girl was tall and lean but very beautiful she had long flowing brown hair touching her waist and brown eyes so dark they almost looked black and she. Had the most bedazzled smile she looked straight at me and a flood of fear over took her face she turned around and started talking to the other girl who simply nodded as the first girl took off in the house. The second girl jogged towards me she was like the first girl just her hair was blonde and she wasn't quite as tall and her hair was a bit shorter but still long, as she got closer her amazing eyes came into view they were the most amazing blue I had ever seen they were like looking into the sky but I wouldn't know what that was like being locked up in here all my life. She turned the treadmill off and undid the cuffs on my wrists she looked me in the eyes and spoke so soft and smooth it was haunting " if you would please follow me this way , princess" she held her arm out for me and I grabbed hold of it as we both jogged out of the house I stepped out into the light of day and it was so bright being locked up in the dark all the time I wasn't used to such light it really hurt my eyes " just keep your head down and you will soon adjust" I did as she said and It worked we walked about three blocks away from the house when a red Ferrari 458 came into view we didn't stop until we had reached it she pulled out the keys and unlocked it it was amazing it was so sleek I also noticed a black Fisker Karma parked behind it, I opened the door and got in but i never thought about the fact that they could also be kidnappers like the first ones but why did she call me princess. The blonde girl slid into the drivers seat of the car and shut the door she turned to face me " I'm not here to harm you neither is my sister we just want to bring you home safely princess" I nodded how did I know this wasn't some kind of trap but I really didn't care I just wanted to be out off that house " my name is Adrianna but you can call me Andi and my sister is Victoria but you can call her Tori" she smiled and turned back around and started the engine " now would you please put your seatbelt on princess" she asked so politely she couldn't be a kidnapper but if she's not then how did she find me and where is she taking me " why do you keep calling me princess?" I asked really confused " because you are the princess of the Hale and you are finally at the age to begin your training to become queen when your mother passes" she spoke calmly looking at me " wait my mother, what do you mean queen?" I was so confused I haven't seen my mother since I was four and I don't remember that much about her really or my father " Abrianna I will explain this to you once we are safe" she spoke with such grace it was kind of creepy she moved the car into gear and quickly sped off into the distance I remember her turning on the radio to something but it was to late I drifted off to sleep. I heard the car door open and my eyes flew open I saw Andi standing over me " we are here" she said leaning down and unbuckling my seatbelt, I turned around and she helped me up we were at amazing mansion surrounded by beautiful gardens of roses and lilies the mansion itself was a masterpiece it had a giant dome shape in the middle of the roof and there was about 50 windows covering the front and sides that I could see " where are we" I asked looking around completely amazed Andi smirked at my amazement as if it was only tiny " this is your mothers lets just say holiday hide out" she smiled as we began the ascent up the stairs. We got to the top of the stairs and Andi pulled out a single very old fashioned key and slipped it into the lock she turned the key and the door clicked open , she swung the door and it creaked the whole way " wait here" she said holding her hand in front of my face as she quietly sneaked in checking every room in the hall and saying clear and looking at me signalling to come in " shut the door behind you please" I did as I was told and shut the door it was really heavy and very old I turned back around and watched as Andi turned all the lights on it was magnificent inside the cream coloured walls were dusty and dirty but were still magnificent. I walked slowly through the hall admiring all the paintings and artwork on the walls when it opened out into a large sitting area full of old furniture fit for a king it was amazing just like outside it was like a garden of furniture like coffee tables and chairs that almost looked like thrones there were three of them lined up against the back wall a large one a medium one and a small one all made out of red velvet and a wooden frame, I turned back around to see Andi leaning up against the door frame " now we need to talk" she said making he way over to one of the fluffy couches I walked over and sat down next to her " ok well please start explaining" I said turning to look at her " ok first the reason I keep calling you princess is because you are one, your mother is the queen of the Hale and you are her daughter" could she be serious my mum can't be a queen it just doesn't sound right " what's Hale?" " you are Hale I am Hale we are a type of fairy" she spoke waiting for my next question " we'll why don't you have wings" I was so confused " we don't grow wings we are a different type of fairy we have individual powers that are produced from our own energy which we have a lot of unlike fairies they're source of power is magic without it they can do nothing" we'll the hmyth of fairies was just blown out of the window " ok so when you say powers what do you mean" as I said that she quickly stood up and walked over behind the couch I was sitting on I turned around to see her " watch this" she moved one hand to her head and placed to fingers over her temple and she looked at the couch slowly but surely my feet and the couch lifted off the ground then it started moving left and she placed it down on the opposite side of the room, how did she do that " oh my god how did you do that, that's so cool!" I got up off the chair and walked over to her " can you do anything else" she shook her head " do you think I have any powers?" I asked her really excited " maybe you are a princess so you will probably have more than one and they will be much greater than anything I can do" as she said that a smile spread on my face from ear to ear " you really think so" she shrugged her shoulders " your mother has two powers so you should as well if you learn to use them" wow I get powers who would of thought " what's my mums name" she looked kind of wary but it quickly disappeared " Eliza and she is 57 before you ask and her powers are that she can make people see anything she wants like and illusion and she can harness the elements" we'll my mum sounds awesome but how and why was I kidnapped " we'll why was I kidnapped and who was it by" she looked down at her feet as if she could but shouldn't answer " that's something your mother should answer and you will see her tomorrow but now it is time for you to rest princess" I nodded and followed her through the giant mansion to one of the rooms in the east wing it was huge it had a massive walk in wardrobe and a big four poster bed with silk curtains all the way around it I turned around and Andi was gone so I walked over to the wardrobe and found a whole heap of clothes, I rummaged throughs them and found a silk night gown and threw it on and walked over to the bed and yanked back the sheets and jumped in. I can't believe I get to me my mother tomorrow I thought to myself but for now I need to rest so I laid my head down on the pillow and closed my eyes.
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