Will the Secrets ruin her future or just brighten it?

“Nicquila" I heard my name no more than a whisper...
“Who said that?" I questioned worried.
“Nicquila come find me" They said again.
“Who's there? Show yourself! This isn't funny."
After living five years without either parent - who were also The King and Queen - Nicquila is lost without her parents and her old best friend.
As she is celebrating her 17th birthday at a masquerade ball, that her adopted cousin, Violet organised. All Violet wanted to do was surprise her best friend but she soon realises she is going to get tagged along for the ride.
Nicquila thought her problems couldn't get any worse, but she thought too soon, she soon discovers a family secret and is on the run of her life to get away from her past and now to gain freedom.


6. Meeting Professor Phillip Diamond


Nicquilia's POV

I reached my arm up, ready to knock, Just as i was about to knock on the door i felt a hand grab mine and i looked at Eric and to my surprise he wasn't the one that was holding my hand, I looked at Violet as she had an unsure smile on her face.

"Nic, Are you sure about this?" She said, She had so much concern in her voice, it scared me.

I looked at Violet who was still holding my hand while shaking. She must be really scared. I quickly grabbed the note out of my pocket and squeezed it, The note said he would help me, but help me with what?

I looked back at Violet and gave her a small smile before replying "Yes V, I am sure, He is going to help me" 

Violet let go of my arm, My own arm went up and reached to knock on the door. I tapped three times on the door and just starred at it for what felt like hours but was really only minutes.

The door finally opened and i looked behind it to see an middle aged man that was about 180cm in height,  He didn't look too old, he look about the age of 45. He was tan and had short black hair. he was fairly built. I smiled as he looked at me and with his mouth open.

"Gabrielle?" He asked as if he was a little shocked.

"No, Nicquilia. Gabrielle was my mother" I replied quietly.

"Oh it's nice to meet you, I am Professor Phillip Diamond, I was a great friend of your parents. You look so much like your mother" He said while inviting us into his house.

"Thanks, That is actually while i am here. But please meet My cousin Violet, and my Boyfriend Eric and friend Kyle." I replied while pointing to each of my friends who just smiled, waved or nodded at him.

"Oh Violet, It is so nice to see you again. and it is nice to meet you Eric and Kyle, please call my Phil" Phil said while hugging Violet and shaking the boys hands.

"But Nicquilia, you said you were here because of your mother, How may i help you?" He added as he looked back to me and led us to his huge lounge room and told us to sit down.

I watched him as he sat down on the chair near the fire place while i took a seat beside Eric and Violet on the three seater couch while Kyle sat on the arm rest near Violet.

I quickly stood up and walked over to him and gave him the note that i found. 

"My parents left me this note, It says you will help me, but help me with what?" I replied while standing beside the professor.

"Nicquilia, Please sit down, I have something to tell you" Professor Phillip Diamond said while standing from his chair and letting me sit down while he stood beside me.

"I am your first clue, Your Father, Violets Mother, Eric's Mother and myself  and a few others were all involved in a group. Not many people knew about us. Our group was called The Potenze - It means the Powers in Italian. Each one of us had a power, When you turned the age of 14 your parents were meant to guide and mentor you into learning about your powers." He said a little concerned,

What? My parents had powers, well my father had powers? I can't believe it, Is this a joke.

"When he made you do crosscountry, and play sports like soccer and netball, Your father was preparing you for your powers, Your Father had the power of speed which was known as Blur, Because you are the first born child you had gained the power through him. I  Know that you may have seven powers, But i can only help you with one which is Freeze, which is also known as Shadows" Professor Phillip Diamond continued to say as i watched him get up and go grab a photo.

He passed me the photo and i looked at it. My Father, Aunt Athena, Cataleya (Eric's Mother) and a few other people were in the picture. This was The Potenze - The powers.

"I will teach you the power of Shadows and give you your next hint to find your next mentor/ guider. It was said that someone from the new generation would carry seven powers. You, My dear Little Nicquilia, will change this world. You are the most powerful Potenzer ever lived, . Use your powers for good. 

I just sat there shocked, i didn't know what was happening. I just looked at Phil speechless  I felt Eric grab me and pull me onto his lap as he rocked me. 


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