Will the Secrets ruin her future or just brighten it?

“Nicquila" I heard my name no more than a whisper...
“Who said that?" I questioned worried.
“Nicquila come find me" They said again.
“Who's there? Show yourself! This isn't funny."
After living five years without either parent - who were also The King and Queen - Nicquila is lost without her parents and her old best friend.
As she is celebrating her 17th birthday at a masquerade ball, that her adopted cousin, Violet organised. All Violet wanted to do was surprise her best friend but she soon realises she is going to get tagged along for the ride.
Nicquila thought her problems couldn't get any worse, but she thought too soon, she soon discovers a family secret and is on the run of her life to get away from her past and now to gain freedom.


3. Hostage in my Dreams

Nicquilia’s POV

"Nicquila" I heard my name no more than a whisper...

"Who said that?" I questioned worried.

"Nicquila come find me" They said again.

"Who's there? Show yourself! This isn't funny."

I felt panic rise inside me. Not again, I don't want to be here. I began to cry. I started running. I didn't know where I was going but I didn't care, I was beginning to get really scared.

"Nicquila come out, I will find you. You can't hide forever" they said coyly like.

I didn't want to hear his voice. I was so quite I couldn't even hear myself breathing. I ducked behind a little tree; I heard his footsteps he knew where I was. So I started to get worried and I panicked I was running. I saw a little hut when I was running so I ran straight to it. I was so scared I could barely open the door properly. I could feel him watching me. I felt his eyes on me; I busted into the small hut and locked the door.

"Go away! I don't want you to follow me" I yelled trying to secure the door. Someone tried opening the door but they realised it was locked. Everything was silent and I could hear every single sound, every twig break, every bird sing and even the wind howling through the trees. Where was he? Just then someone grabbed me from behind. I screamed, the very sound of my scream hurt my own ears.

He covered my mouth to stop me from screaming.

"I told you I would find you. Why do you have to play hard to get? Come on Nic you know we are going to make the perfect couple"

I was so scared I froze and then thought of the first thing in my head to get away from him, I bit his palm. He yelled in pain and let go. I ran to the door and unlocked it and ran. I was running so fast I turned my head to see if he was there. I saw him grab something off the table. I turned back around and started running. I tripped over a stick and fell to the ground. I heard footstep getting closer and closer. I panicked and started to scream my voice was louder and louder but my throat was getting sore. He reached me then he was laughing because I was on the ground screaming. I saw the sharp blade that he was holding and raising the blade over his head. My instant thought was to raise my hands to cover my head.

I felt coldness touch my left palm. It made me want to scream it started to hurt when the blood started to run down my arm. I glanced at my palm and seen the scarlet line at least 7 centimetres long. I looked up at Lucas; he was smiling at me with a cocky grin on his face. He tried to come closer to me but he was totally focused on my palm, I quickly stood up, I was scared but angrier. I gripped my palm together and seen droplets drip into the long grass. I didn't know what I was going to do, so I just threw my hands in the air and started to cry I wish I could just freeze time, for all this pain to stop and so he couldn't come after me. I was so angry I didn't notice that Lucas's voice stopped and that he was just standing there frozen. I looked at him. I blinked a couple of times to see if I was seeing the right thing. I turned around and took a couple of steps away from his body. How did this happen he just froze. I turned back around and walked back to his body. As I looked at him, he stumbled back as if he had just been hit.

"What did you do?!" He yelled at me.

I begun backing away slowly, blood dripping all around me.

"I want you to leave Lucas! And I mean NOW!!" I screamed at him.

I felt a sudden pull like someone was grabbing at me, shaking me. I closed my eyes and opened them again. I was in a totally different place; I wasn't in a forest anymore I was in a room, a familiar room.

I turned around so I could examine the room as I seen a body figure in the corner and it was moving towards me. I shivered but I could not make myself move away I couldn't even stand up straight.

"Nicquila, are you okay?" Eric asked while moving closer and closer to me.

"Leave me alone" I replied while looking at my left palm. I was crying, I thought it was a dream but if it was a dream why would I have a cut on my left palm. I tried to wipe away my pain on the yellow dress but it did not disappear, it's like it wanted to stay there, to be with me.

"Eric, we have to get back to the house, I have to tell Violet something" I replied as I was trying to stand up straight. I grabbed on to the old book case that was in our Cubbyhouse. I started to fall to one side as I felt Eric's arm help me and guide me to the chair.

"Are you sure? You don't look well, you look like you're about to faint" Eric said while pushing my hair away from my face and behind my ear.

"Eric, you wouldn't feel well or look okay if you just had a dream about your Ex Boyfriend trying to kill you, would you! Now just hurry up and let me get the hell up and help me get to Violet!" I sounded scared, but I felt Okay, I felt even a little Excitement in my voice that was running through my body.

I saw shock in his eyes, I have never gone off at him or even yelled at him before, I started to feel bad, but as soon as that feeling came across me and I was thinking about everything. Was this a sign, was it true, and how did this scar happen to me if it was a dream? Why did this happen? Before I could even bat an eyelid, Eric had me in his arms guiding me to the door of the cubbyhouse, where he went down the ladder first and then watched me go down. We were running really fast, I couldn't even see properly. As we got closer to the house, I could hear whispers; I could feel eyes watching me. I felt the wind sweep my hair up from down around my shoulders to go to flying around my head. We were slowing down as soon as we hit the back doors. A strange man walked out of the doors, I suddenly had a weird feeling about this guy, a guy I never met, but I never got this feeling, the feeling made me sick in the belly, it felt like it was happening all over again. All the bad things in my life were suddenly in my head and I couldn't stop thinking about them, Being called from in the limo where I and Violet had found out about our parents and aunt's and uncle's death, losing my best friend as he ran away and losing my grandma to cancer, and my granddad to a heart attack, to finding out Lucas was cheating on me, and to hear that Violet told me Lucas had used me for who knows what.

As we stepped inside, I started to feel safe, I was so scared, I felt that my nightmare was true, Because what I felt for Lucas in my dream, I felt for the strange guy that walked outside.

"Oi Eric, did you just get a weird feeling in your gut which made you want to be sick?" I replied grabbing his arm to make him stop. He turned around to face me and it looked like he was confused.

"What are you on about Nicquila, there are going to be no silly games, I am going to get you to Violet to help you" he said while looking at the floor, he looked upset and disappointed that he didn't know what I was talking about. I felt bad, I wanted to tell him everything but it would take too long, and I didn't have enough time. I had to find Violet straight away and tell her about the dream and I had to explain the feeling that had came across me, the upset, and the anger and also hurt, he had reminded me of Lucas in some many ways.

Eric was in front of me holding my hand as we were looking for Violet, I saw her head and her mask, but I was distracted with all the people greeting and thanking me for the party.


"So you were trying to run away from him? Because he had a blade and tried to cut you?" Violet asked shocked. I was shocked to even hear her say those words; she would be popping herself by now if she was I.

"Well yeah, wouldn't you run away? But guess what, that wasn't the only weird thing" I sounded more and more scared. It wasn't just that I had had an nightmare it was because it was just Violet and I

"Well of course I would run, if he had a blade, he would kill me of course because I am the more annoying one, but what else happened?" Violet's hands were around my shoulders as she was protecting me, we were just sitting down, when Kyle busted into the room.

"Are you okay? I heard that you guys had a scare, is everyone okay? No one is hurt?" Kyle's voice was so funny, he sounded like a little shy gay guy, but it was so cute all I could do was laugh at him, but I hadn't noticed that Violet and Eric both were laughing with me at poor Kyle, as Kyle was looking around wondering what the hell was happening all we could do was laugh until finally we all stopped laughing, I was the first as to I seen a scary shadow in the corner of my eye moving around, behind everything, trying to as if it looked like it was listening to our conversation.

I quickly grabbed Violet's left wrist and looked at her and pointed my eyes towards the shadows. "We need to talk but not here, Kyle can you keep everyone distracted and all the people at the party in the hall please? Eric you can come with us..."

"What! Why does he get to go? and Why do I have to stay and entertain the citizens, why can't he?" Kyle quickly butted in with a little bit of jealously in his voice.

I could hear the laughter of the party goers, they sounded so happy "Well because

he is older and much better looking than you, but you are the entertainer you have talent, he doesn't, so therefore you must stay with the 'citizens' and entertain them okay, thank you" I replied calmly as I gave Kyle a gentle smile.

"It's okay little one; you don't need one of us to hold your hand to look after the party goer's do you? Cause if you want I will stay here with you just to hold your hand" Eric jokingly said as he patted Kyle on the head.

I looked at Violet as we both started having little giggling fits. We were still holding each other's hands as we were slowly walking away.

"Alright you two love birdies, Nicquila and I have to talk, so we will leave you here?" Violet replied just smiling at Kyle and me, looking backwards between both.

As we walked, I could feel the change in the air, it felt more still, more scary, more quite; as we were walking to the upstairs wardrobe, where we always had our important talks, I could feel Violet was moving closer to me, we were both scared, only candles lit the hallway and there wasn't many of them, one every fifteen metres or so. One of the candles kept flickering, which was sending chills down my spine.

I was so scared that I forgot that Eric was behind us, I was focusing on the flickering candle, the flickering candle was just moving like it didn't want to stop. It just kept going and going. I froze as I suddenly felt a cold breeze on my neck and heard someone breathe. I turned around half expecting a scary monster but instead there stood Eric. To his surprise I hit him while yelling "You idiot, you almost made me shit myself. Why the hell would you do that?" I stopped yelling as I heard a small bit of laughter coming from where Violet was standing. I looked at her with an evil look, a death stare and then she just started laughing again. "Nic, calm down it's only a joke, you don't need to give me the death stare I didn't do anything, Eric did it, not me!" Violet said while looking like she was about to cry, I found it funny but I don't know why, but every time Violet laughs too much she gets tears in her eyes.

I smiled and looked at Eric, kissed him on the cheek and whispered into his ear "You ever try that again and you won't be waking up with hair, I will shave it off like I tried to years ago" I stepped back and turned around to face the flickering candle, to all our surprise, it wasn't there, it hadn't gone out It just wasn't there, the whole thing disappeared the candle and candle holder. I looked at Violet, who was already looking at me, her face had gone pale and she looked like she was going to be sick, when she is so scared, she goes pale and spew's her guts up. I grabbed her arm and whispered everything is okay. I was so scared, but I was even more scared that Violet would spew on me, so I looked at Eric who was now standing beside me holding my hand.

I could feel his eyes on me with a tint of fear in them, he was about to say something but I cut him off, "Eric, stay here with Violet please, she can't go any further she will spew. Please stay and watch her, make sure she is okay" I said as he was biting his lips. I know he didn't like me doing this stuff, leaving him out making him miss an adventure but I couldn't risk all three of us getting hurt.

I took a step forward but then got pulled back; I could feel his hands around my wrist.

"Please be careful?" I heard him say. I looked at him then looked at Violet, I knew she wasn't the only one scared, he was scared too, I took a step closer to him and kissed him on the cheek, he was so tall that I had to stand on my tippy toes. I stepped back and then moved to violet, which was shaking with fear, I smiled and then kissed her on the cheek as well, "I promised I will be careful, just go back to the party and make sure that Kyle is okay and make sure no one finds out about this". I turned around and I could feel two pairs of eyes following me, I took two steps forward and then stopped, I was so scared that I almost just piss bolted pass Eric and Violet but then I remembered I had to do this, I had to find out what was happening, and who was in the house with us.

Fear was shaking me to the core. I could feel eyes watching me, but as I turned around to see if violet and Eric were still there, I got a surprise, they weren't there. I could feel eyes watching and I was so scared, I knew I wasn't alone.

I was still facing the way I came and I could see a shadowy figure in the distance, it looked like a person. I was backing up real slow so they couldn't tell if I was moving or not.

"Nicquila, come to me" I heard them say. I swear they could see me shaking because they just kept creeping forward until I was backed in to the wall.

"Stop Shaking little one, No need to be scared" they replied again. As soon as I heard that voice I got shivers down my spine and I felt sick, the sickness I felt before when I saw the guy come out of the house.

"Stop it! Who is there? What are you doing? You're not meant to be in the house no one is" I replied with all the might I had in my body.

He had his hands behind his body, and I could see something flickering. Was he the one that took the candle? How could he have been the one that took it, the candle was in front of us but he was behind us?

I could see him move, he was a rather tall male, with dark brown hair that went just past his ears. When I looked at his face, I felt something. His face was just gorgeous; slightly tan, brown eyes and dark brown hair. I couldn't believe it, how can someone so gorgeous bring me so much fear.

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