Will the Secrets ruin her future or just brighten it?

“Nicquila" I heard my name no more than a whisper...
“Who said that?" I questioned worried.
“Nicquila come find me" They said again.
“Who's there? Show yourself! This isn't funny."
After living five years without either parent - who were also The King and Queen - Nicquila is lost without her parents and her old best friend.
As she is celebrating her 17th birthday at a masquerade ball, that her adopted cousin, Violet organised. All Violet wanted to do was surprise her best friend but she soon realises she is going to get tagged along for the ride.
Nicquila thought her problems couldn't get any worse, but she thought too soon, she soon discovers a family secret and is on the run of her life to get away from her past and now to gain freedom.


5. Hidden Letters

Nicquilia POV

"Okay, everyone is gone now" I listened to Kyle whisper to Violet.

I was sitting on my bed hugging my knees. I was rocking myself. I didn't know what to think, do or say, I have been having Crazy Lucas nightmares and then i get kidnapped? on my Birthday seriously! worst timing! I wish my parents were still here with me. I felt the bed go down a little as i felt Violet embrace me into a hug while playing with my hair.

"Babe, Everyone is gone now, it is just us" I heard Violet say.

I was holding a old photo of me with my parents, It was our last photo taken together. I started to cry, It has been five years since i hugged them, Since i heard their beautiful voices.

I started to wipe my tears away when i felt Eric's hand move as he passed my a cup of hot chocolate.

"No i dont want it!" I said as i pushed his arm away which made him drop the cup and i dropped the photo frame which broke. I started to cry move as i picked up the piece of glass, Hot chocolate was everywhere.

"Shit i am sorry Nic" I heard Eric say as he bent down to help me.

"Go away, i am alright!" I yelled as i finished picking up the glass and walking to the bin. i put the glass in the bin and just looked at the photo that was in my arms. It was drenched in hot chocolate.

"This is the last photo i had with my parents and you ruined it!" I yelled at Eric who just looked at me blankly. I was crying so much, I felt big arms come around my body as i looked up i saw the Eric as embraced me in a hug, I cried into his shirt as i hugged him back, i let the photo drop to the ground.

"I am so sorry" Eric whispered into my ear as he hugged me tighter.

"No, It's okay, i shouldn't of yelled at you, i am sorry" I replied while sniffling.

"Nic, you should see this?" Violet said. I quickly wriggled out of Eric's grip and walked to Violet who was holding the photo and a little note.

I grabbed the note and read it


If you are reading this,

Please go to The HiddenValley museum

Ask for Professor Phillip Diamond.

Tell him who you are.

He will help you

-Love Mum and Dad


I Stared at the note for what felt like hours, 

"Nic what does the note say?" Violet and Eric said together.

"We have to go to the Hiddenvalley Museum and Ask for Professor Phillip Diamond" I replied while taking my eyes of the note and looking at all three of them.

"I know Professor Phillip Diamond, Mum and Dad introduced me to him after i was adopted" Replied Violet who just smiled.

"Okay, let's go" I replied while walking to the door, but was stopped by someone grabbing my arm

"It is twelve o'clock at night, you were just kidnapped and now you want to go on an adventure?" Eric said while spinning me around so i was looking at him. He looked scared.

"Yes, Mum and Dad said he will help me" I replied while dragging him out of the door while Kyle and Violet followed behind.

"Help you with what? and wont the Museum be shut?" Eric said while pulling me to a halt.

"Yes it will be shut, but Professor Phillip Diamond Lives there, he will let us in" Violet replied to Eric while she caught up to us.

I turned to looked at them both and realised Eric was giving Violet the Death stare.

"Violet, you are not helping" Eric whined.

"Oh quit gossiping like an old couple and hurry up" I said as they both looked at me.

"Fine, But i am not sure about this" Eric said while letting my arm go.

"Either am I, But why would they live that note there for me to find?" I replied to Eric as he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

*** 1 hour later ***

We were walking up to the Museum door.Here goes! I am about to meet Professor Phillip Diamond. I reached my arm up, ready to knock, Just as i was about to knock on the door i felt a hand grab mine and i looked at Eric and to my surprise he wasn't the one that was holding my hand, I looked at Violet as she had an unsure smile on her face.

"Nic, Are you sure about this?" She said, She had so much concern in her voice, it scared me



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