Will the Secrets ruin her future or just brighten it?

“Nicquila" I heard my name no more than a whisper...
“Who said that?" I questioned worried.
“Nicquila come find me" They said again.
“Who's there? Show yourself! This isn't funny."
After living five years without either parent - who were also The King and Queen - Nicquila is lost without her parents and her old best friend.
As she is celebrating her 17th birthday at a masquerade ball, that her adopted cousin, Violet organised. All Violet wanted to do was surprise her best friend but she soon realises she is going to get tagged along for the ride.
Nicquila thought her problems couldn't get any worse, but she thought too soon, she soon discovers a family secret and is on the run of her life to get away from her past and now to gain freedom.


4. Frightening Cabin


Nicquilia’s POV  

I felt like I was on a rollercoaster, my head was spinning and racing out of control which made me too scared to open my eyes. Eventually I forced myself to open my eyes which I soon regretted it. My head felt like it had been run over by a truck causing me to dry reach.

Where the hell am I? I kept blinking my eyes repeatedly to try a gain some conscious of where I was. It’s a dark place, I don’t think I have been here before ever, the room was small and extremely dark, the only light that I could see was the light that was coming into the room where a curtain was blowing back and forth and the moon was shining into the room.

I tried to get up and move to the window, but then I realised that I was stuck. I was tired to a chair with each one of my legs tied to a leg of the chair and my arms tied to the arms of the chair. I started to panic, I started to scream, where am I? How did I get here? Who brought me here?

I looked around trying to find a way to free myself; I can hear footsteps, the wood creaking, someone is coming. I soon quieted myself as the door cracked open and feet where coming closer to me, as I kept my eyes on the ground as I was scared crapless to look up, the first thing I noticed were a pair of feet with Highheels on.  

The first thought that popped into my head was why would a stupid serial killer kidnap me wearing Highheels? I could hear feet moving around in the room, I was a little confused as I focused on the feet that were in front of me and realised that they were moving, Okay so I am outnumbered! Something made a noise like someone flicked a switch, great so now I am tied to this stupid chair and now I have to face this kidnapper, my night couldn’t get any worse. I decided to look up as I started to panic again, as I was looking in the direction of where the people were standing the lights flicked on and I was just about to scream except it got stuck in my throat as I was quite surprised to see Violet and Eric staring at me with a baseball bat and a broom in their hands.  

“Oh my god Nic! What the hell, Are you okay?” Eric said shakily as he dropped the broom that he was holding over his head and rushed over to me.

“Maybe, letting you and Violet leave me alone was probably not a good idea” I heard myself say as I raise my head to look at him with a weak smile.

Eric looked down at me worried, he must’ve seen my weak smile as he just smile back at me but I could tell that it was forced. Eric started untying my limbs as I was just watch Violet, she looked terrified, she was still holding the baseball bat over her head ready to take. She was just standing, standing still looking at me with her mouth open. Our eyes met, we were just starring at each other, I could see tears started to form in her eyes.

“How did you find me?” I asked as I slowly got out of the chair I was tied too. I quickly found my feet and ran straight to Violet who only happened to be a few feet away, our bodies smashed into each other and we just hugged, our arms just flew around each other, the baseball then soon dropped.

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