Will the Secrets ruin her future or just brighten it?

“Nicquila" I heard my name no more than a whisper...
“Who said that?" I questioned worried.
“Nicquila come find me" They said again.
“Who's there? Show yourself! This isn't funny."
After living five years without either parent - who were also The King and Queen - Nicquila is lost without her parents and her old best friend.
As she is celebrating her 17th birthday at a masquerade ball, that her adopted cousin, Violet organised. All Violet wanted to do was surprise her best friend but she soon realises she is going to get tagged along for the ride.
Nicquila thought her problems couldn't get any worse, but she thought too soon, she soon discovers a family secret and is on the run of her life to get away from her past and now to gain freedom.


1. Pre Party Preparations!!!!!

Nicquilia’s POV

I can do this, I know I can. Only a few days to go then it will be over. With a smile on my face I walked out of the bathroom after a fresh hot shower with only a towel wrapped around me, and my hair wrapped up in another blue towel. I can't believe it's been so long, in five years my life has totally changed. I sat down and just looked at my wardrobe with a blank expression. What am I going to wear today? I can't wear the same thing as I did the other day. Sitting crossed legged only in towels must have been funny to my cousin, because as soon as she walked in she busted out in laughter.

"Come on Nic, hurry up and get dressed. We have to leave soon. They are waiting for us. We don't have time for you just to sit down in a towel, looking at your wardrobe!" Violet said as she grabbed a lovely baby blue long sleeve, knee length dress and chucked it at me and then she went to my belt collection and threw a silver high waist belt onto the bed. I loved her; she had incredible fashion taste, something I never had. She looked so pretty, as she was wearing a bright red rose coloured dress that only had thin straps and was tight around the chest area but then puffed out and was just above her knees, she also wore a thin black belt just above the material that had puffed out, she finished the look with black wedged high heels, a small black wallet with her hair straight down.

I smiled at her as she was grabbing all the clothes that she had planned for me to wear with also small silver high heels as I replied to her "Fine, I am going as fast as I can, but you know that I don't have fashion sense like you, so if I had to pick out the outfit I would only be wearing a white singlet and my ripped jeans with my ugg boots,". After that said I quickly grabbed everything and went back to the bathroom and put the clothes on, the colour of the clothes suited me due to the coffee colour tan that I was born with. I took my hair out of the towel that it was wrapped in, my hair was naturally curly as it flowed down to around my shoulders, my hair wasn't that long but it was long enough for me. I quickly put on the high heels and walked out to Violet and pull a pose, she smiled gracefully and then grabbed my hand and pulled me out and then I finally pulled free from her grasp on me and started walking beside her.

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