Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


11. Wait, what?

Niall knew he had to tell Lily sometime. He couldn't just keep it from her forever. Finally one day at dinner he said, "I really hate to break this to you Lily, but..."
"You're breaking up with me?"
"No! I'm going on tour is all."
Lily sighed and said, "Well I guess that's better than breaking up. How long are you going to be gone?"
"A long time.. It's not set yet but it will be a while."
Lily let a few tears roll down her cheeks and Niall wiped them away.

*about a month later*
"Do you want pancakes tomorrow morning before I drop you off at the airport?" Lily asked with a wink.
"Oh yes I do!" ......;)......

*the next morning*
Lily woke up early to make pancakes and Niall woke up early to make sure all of his stuff was together. Lily drove him to the airport, bawling the whole time.

*About a week later*
Lily was sitting on the couch when she thought of something. 'Oh my god Niall didn't wear a condom last night!'
She ran to the bathroom and used like 7 pregnancy tests which all came back positive. She figured that if Niall never saw her while he was gone he wouldn't know, she would only show her face on Skype and call him. That night he called her and when he asked what was wrong she blamed it on missing him.
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