Everything I Thought I Knew

Lily was always best friends with Liam. But now, he keeps trying to say he wants to be more than friends. Lily fears she will lose him. Can she get over get fear and fall in love with Liam? What about Niall?


9. The interview

The boys had an interview and Niall wanted Lily to go with him. They got there and avoided Liam the whole time. He kept trying to get Lily's attention to speak with her but she was becoming very good at ignoring Liam. Her phone buzzed and she pulled it out of her pocket. Liam: (she had changed the contact name in her anger with Liam) x you look stunning today Lily. x She walked over to him and started whisper yelling at him. "Enough of your bullshit Liam. Get over it. I don't love you." He was shocked and didn't know what to say. Niall walked into the room from the kitchen holding caramel popcorn. He sat down next to Lily on the couch backstage and she opened her mouth, signaling that she wanted some popcorn. Niall tried to throw it in her mouth but missed and it bounced off her nose. How he missed from that close was unknown. She giggled. Niall smiled and said, "I love it when you giggle because you stick your tongue out a little." "Do I? I never knew that." Niall kissed her head and Louis looked up from his phone. "Get a room!" he yelled covering his eyes. Niall laughed and threw a pillow at Louis. The boys went on stage and after a couple minutes the inevitable question came: "so who's single and who's taken?" Zayn, Louis, and Niall raised their hands. The interviewer asked Zayn, "Perrie, from little mix, right?" Zayn smiled and nodded. Louis was asked, "Eleanor right?" He agreed and the interviewer looked at Niall. "And who could you be dating?" Niall smiled and said, "Her name is lily and she is gorgeous. I brought her here do you want to meet her?" The girls in the crowd cheered and Niall ran backstage. He looked all around and found her laying on the couch on the phone. It seemed like an argument but when she looked up and saw Niall standing there she quickly hung up on whoever she was talking to. She smiled and sighed. "Whatcha up to back here baby?" she asked. "They want to meet you out there." he said with a grin. She instantly got butterflies in her stomach. Like a whole extended family of butterflies. Niall grabbed her hand and they walked back on stage. The interviewer greeted lily and she took a seat. The interviewer asked about her and Niall. Then he asked a question that Lily choked up on. He said, "so, how did you and Niall get together?" She looked at Niall quickly and he said, "I know you guys all want to know, but some parts of my life have to stay personal right?" Lily laughed for Niall's sake and soon everyone joined in. The interviewer looked between Niall, Lily, and Liam. He said, "Niall i think someone is jealous of you. He looked over and saw Liam look away to the floor. Lily scooted closer to Niall. She laid her head on his shoulder and Niall scowled at Liam. The interviewer sensed the tension and moved on. They asked a few more questions and then they got to a segment when some of the girls from the audience asked their questions. The first one asked, "What music do you listen to besides your own?" They answered and a few more girls asked questions. Then the last question came with a girl who asked, "are any of you virgins?" Lily turned bright red, and the interviewer milked it, "someone either is a virgin or lost theirs recently, cough lily cough." The interviewer winked at Niall and Niall laughed and winked back. Lily was still red. Niall scooped her up bridal style and then ran off the stage when the interview was over. He didn't want to talk to Liam. The two left and went to lunch.
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